Movie: Aloo Chaat

Nikhil(Aftab Shivdasani) returns to Delhi after completing his education. On his return, he finds his dad, Purushottam(Khulbhushan Karbanda) along with other members in his family trying to set him up with prospective brides. Purushottam’s friend, Hakim Tarachand(Manoj Pahwa), also aids him in this cause. Hakim is the local sexologist saving the local gigolos and local couples from impending disasters.

Nikhil is not interested in the girl his family found for him as he is in love with Aamna(Aamna Shariff). But Aamna is a muslim while Nikhil is an Hindu and this will not go fine with ultra conservative Purushottam. So, Nikhil hatches a plan with Hakim Tarachand. Find a gori girlfriend. Introduce Aamna along with the new girlfriend. Let the family figure out the difference between gori and desi. Make the family pick the desi girl. So, Nikhil and Hakim finds Nikki(Linda Arsenio). To top this all, Nikhil’s uncle, Chhadami Mama(Sanjay Mishra) hates goris.

What promises to be a laugh riot does not even evoke a giggle. The film is boringly slow with “supposedly” witty one-liners! Aftab Shivdasani looks uninterested while Manoj Pahwa and Sanjay Mishra fails to make us laugh. More than the actors, the director, Robby Grewal, lets down. He has chosen a wrong pace and tone for the movie.

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  1. Why dont you include your star rating for your movie would help me...really!!

  2. @Anil-
    I was planning to do that a while back and did some research to put in stars. Nothing came out. Will try again to put it up.


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