Movie: Art School Confidential

Jerome(Max Minghella) is an immensely talented young man who wants to be the greatest artist of 21st century. He goes to Strathmore College to pursue his interests. Jerome ends up studying under Professor Sandiman(John Malkovich) who takes an interest in Jerome and guides him.

Jerome gradually learns how the art world works and is impressed with the success of Marvin Bushmiller(Adam Scott), who also studied in Strathmore. He also gets smitten by one of Professor Sandiman’s models, Audrey(Sophia Myles). All the moves by Jerome prove unsuccessful because of the Jonah(Matt Keesler), a fellow art student. Jerome also befriends Jimmy(Jim Broadbent), a Strathmore alumni who is now living in disillusionment.

As the movie progresses, there is a strangler in the campus who is preying on people. As the final days of the school approach, Jerome becomes desperate to score high both in the art world and also in love.

Terry Zwigoff directs this drama. The strangler angle in this drama is confusing as the story can progress even without this character. Overall, the movie is watchable for the story. The performances are not great but it does feature couple of big names.

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Genre: Drama

Rating: **

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  1. You sure seem to watch a lot of movies!!! Lucky you.

    The title of this movie seems to be more interesting than the have given it a two-star rating!

  2. @Sucharita-
    The title sounded interesting. Towards the middle of the movie, the director gets confused and makes a cross between thriller and drama. You still can watch it.


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