Movie: CJ7

Dicky(Xu Jiao), son of poor labourer Ti(Stephen Chow), studies in an expensive private school. As Ti does not have any formal education, he wants his son to have better opportunities than him. So, Ti works hard to earn money for the tuition fees doing jobs on construction sites.

Ti scavenges the dumpsters to gather shoes, shirts etc for Dicky. One day, during such a scavenging tour, he gets a green ball from the dumpsters and Ti presents the green ball to Dicky. The green ball turns out to be an alien.

Dicky finds out the true identity of green ball before Ti. He terms it as CJ7 in order to boast in front of his classmates who has a toy named CJ1. Dicky dreams about CJ7 possessing magical powers to transform his life.

But, the reality is different. Although Cj7 does not possess any magical powers that Dicky dreams about, it still transforms Dicky’s life.

This is a Cantonese movie directed by Stephen Chow. He also acts in the movie as Ti. Like his previous movies, this one also relies on exaggerated while visually pleasing and astonishing action sequences. He also pay homage to many Hollywood blockbusters of yesteryears.

Watch it if you have nothing else to do. This might evoke laughs.

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