Movie: Leatherheads

Dodge Connolly(George Clooney) is the captain of a professional American football team named Duluth Bulldogs in the 1920s. In 1925, the team is disbanded as a result of losing the sponsor.

In order to get the team back in the limelight, Dodge tries to enlist Carter “the Bullet” Rutherford(John Krasinki), a war hero, into playing for Duluth Bulldogs. Dodge convinces Carter’s agent, CC Frazier(Jonathan Pryce) before convincing Carter.

As a result of accusation of cowardice from a man who served with Carter in the war, Lexie Littleton(Renee Zellweger), a reporter with the Chicago newspaper, investigates Carter by following him. While Carter is unaware of her intentions, Dodge accidentally finds out about Lexie’s mission.

What follows is a romance, comedy, second comings with a triangular love story thrown in. George Clooney directs this movie and the movie has an “Coen brothers” hangover! This movie does not have anything new to offer. At the same time, it does not bore us to death!

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