Movie: Ripley Under Ground

Tom Ripley(Barry Pepper) is a struggling actor, living in London now. He goes to an art exhibition with his actress friend, Cynthia(Claire Forlani). Cynthia’s boyfriend, Derwatt, is exhibiting his paintings with help of Jeff Constant(Alan Cumming). Bernard Sayles(Ian Hart), a struggling artist and vying for Cynthia’s attention, completes the group.

At the exhibition, Tom runs into Heloise Plisson(Jacinda Barrett), a rich and beautiful French heiress and develops an instant liking for her. After the first night of exhibition, Derwatt meets with an accident due to his rash driving. Fearing no takers to Derwatt’s paintings after his death leading to huge losses for Jeff, Ripley convinces everybody to hide the accident till the exhibition is over.

Before the exhibition gets over, Jeff is given a huge amount in advance for Derwatt’s painting by an American collector, Neil Murchison(Willam Dafoe). Since Bernard can imitate Derwatt, Ripley convinces everyone to keep up the charade while Bernard paints as Derwatt. Everything goes well and they start making money.

Ripley starts pursuing Heloise by landing up at her doorsteps. Her dad takes an instant dislike to him. In the meanwhile, Murchison suspects the new painting delivered to him are fake and shows up in London. He also turns up in Paris. Soon, John Webster(Tom Wilkinson), Scotland Yard Inspector, is hot on Ripley’s trail. The narrative goes through many twists and turns eventually leading to a thrilling climax.

Adapted from a novel with the same title by Patricia Highland, this movie is directed by Roger Spottiswoode. Go for it for the twists and turns. The movie has graphic scenes. Watch it at your discretion.

Genre: Thriller

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