Movie: Smokin’ Aces

Buddy “Aces” Israel(Jeremy Piven), a Vegas entertainer, is a wannabe mob boss who gets into a disagreement with the current mob boss Primo Sparazza. As a result, Israel decides to turn state’s evidence against Primo. FBI has been trying to get evidence against Primo for a long time. The only success was the infiltration of Primo’s gang with an undercover agent named Freeman Heller a long time back. But, Primo finds the identity of Heller and kills him.In order to place Israel under protective custody, FBI director Stanley Locke(Andy Garcia) sends out two agents – Agent Carruthers(Ray Liotta) and Agent Messner(Ryan Reynolds).

Meanwhile, Primo orders a million dollar contract on Buddy Israel life and he wants Israel’s heart to be presented by the killer. This contract draws a set of psychopathic killers. Georgia Sykes(Alicia Keys) and Sharice(Taraji P. Henson) Watters, who works as a couple, is entrusted with this job. Similarly, Soot and Diego are two independent operators who is hot on Israel’s tail. Finally, a band of neo-nazi psychopathic killers – Darwin Tremor, Jeeves Tremor and Lester Tremor – also pursues Israel.

In addition to both sides of law, there is a different set of people who are pursuing Israel. Israel has jumped bond and as a result Jack Dupree(Ben Affleck), Pistol Pete Deeks(Peter Berg) and Hollis Elmore(Martin Henderson) are also trying to bring back Israel.

Israel is now hiding out in the penthouse suite of the Nomad Casino in Lake Tahoe. All three different sets of people descend into Lake Tahoe leading to the final confrontation.

Joe Carnahan, the director, sets the stage and introduces the host of characters in the first 20 minutes. The movie is fast paced with narrative jumping from one story to another. The jumps help to fasten the pace and also keeps the viewer hooked onto the movie. The shootouts are well choreographed. He has managed to rope a lot of famous actors. You will also see Matthew Fox in a very small role of casino security.

Go for it to crank up the volume of your apartment. This will be a good watch if you like fast paced movie, shoot outs, slow motions and a lot of blood on screen.

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