Movie: What Happens in Vegas

Joy McNally(Cameron Diaz) and Jack Fuller(Ashton Kutcher) are two diametrically opposite personalities who meets in Las Vegas. Joy has dumped by her boyfriend while Jack was fired by his boss, Jack Fuller Sr(Treat Williams) who is also his dad. Joy and Jack lands up in Vegas for rebound with their respective friends, Tipper(Lake Bell) and Hater(Rob Corddry).

After a initial showdown, Joy and Jack warms up to each other. They party wild all night. When they get up the next day, they find themselves married to each other. They almost agrees to have the marriage annulled when fate plays a weird trick. Jack hits the jackpot of $ 3,000,000 with quarter taken from Joy. So, they end up in the court for a divorce so that Joy can have half the money.

Judge Whopper(Dennis Miller) scolds the couple for making a mockery of marriage. He orders them to put in a sincere attempt to make their marriage work and order to meet a counselor, Dr Twitchell(Queen Latifah), on a regular basis.

Joy moves into Jack’s apartment. Now, they start making each other’s life miserable. But in spite of all their best efforts to thwart the marriage and infuriate the other, they end up falling in love with each other and also complements each other.

Only 20 minutes of the movie is set in Vegas and the rest is set in NY. With the name, you assume the movie is set completely in Vegas!

The movie gives you occasional laughs.

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