Perils of being a boss

When I almost felt safe by acquiring skills to duck, I came across a podcast which shattered my sense of security. With the financial meltdown, anger is rampant and vengeance against the bosses is the most common way to release anger.

Depending on the area of residence, you express your anger differently. If you live in UK, you will throw brick through your boss’s window! If you live in France, you will lock your boss in and throw away the key. If you are in US, you will tarnish your boss on the internet!

The US way of releasing anger is both peaceful and effective way of reacting to the excesses of your boss. This is exactly what happened at Thomas Weisel Partners in San Francisco. A Managing Director, John Soden, send a nasty email to employees asking them to report on Good Friday! On retaliation, one employee set up a fake Twitter account on the MD’s name. Since then, the fake twitter account has provided a platform for all the email victims to exact fun at  Soden’s expense.

As we are good at learning and adapting, I’m afraid if my direct reports will learn these techniques followed by their brethren in other parts of the world. At first, there was no reason to panic since I never asked anyone to work on Good Friday. Pondering more on this point, I have asked my direct reports to work on weekends when the timelines were challenging.

Since it is better to plan for all outcomes, I started looking at the various modes of releasing anger. The UK way will not be applicable to me since I do not have a window, neither in the office nor in my apartment, through which a brick can sail through. All the windows have grills.

The France way also will not work on me. At work, they are no rooms to lock me in. In worst case scenario, I will always have my cell phone with me and there is good network coverage at my work.

Since Twitter is blocked at work, I heaved a sigh of relief. But that was momentary. Most of direct reports have internet connection at home! How am I going to safeguard against this evil? I’m clueless. Help me, God…

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