Speak Easy

Maybe I’m missing something, but that just sounded like the biggest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life

This was Mark Cuban’s reaction to Adam Lindemann during TechCrunch50 where Adam was presenting his product/company iMindi and Mark was the judge. Mark spoke his heart rather than trying to reframe the response in a politically correct way.

Today, when we are becoming increasingly insensitive to other’s  feelings, the call for tolerance is also on the high! But when we become tolerant, we are losing out a good laugh on these intolerant remarks. I have worked in companies with startup mentality and also with traditional mentality. Mark’s remarks reminded me of the years spent with companies with startup mentality.

Nobody is afraid to speak their mind! The people who will be shouting at the top of their lungs will magically stop the yelling match at 1pm and go out for lunch together. When they come back, they resume from where they left off.

There is no hesitation in using the infamous four letter words. I have been in meetings where people pointed their fingers at each other. And it was never the index fingers they were pointing!

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