To Dunk or Not

Last week, Ina Fried, wrote an interesting article about retrieving her BlackBerry from a clean bowl after an accident. She chronicles her subsequent search, and her anxiety, in getting her BlackBerry to work. While reading, I kept wondering about how the BlackBerry ended up in the clean bowl! More important, how or why did she decide to dunk her hand and retrieve the BlackBerry? It would have taken enormous effort to dunk your hand into a bowl no matter how clean or clear the water is.

Long ago, during my school years in Kochi, I have heard someone shamefully recounting a similar experience. A gold ring slipped from the maid’s finger into the bowl when she was cleaning the rest rooms. She immediately dunked and took the ring out. “It was pure gold”, she said anticipating my approval. I mumbled something in return and moved out as it was an embarrassing moment for me. Considering the paltry monthly salary, she had to hang on to the precious possession.

This will be a good lesson for all those people who are using their mobiles in restricted areas! One of my friend is known to take his laptop inside the confines of his bathroom. He has setup wireless connectivity at home and can surf the net from bathroom. Luckily, laptop being a large object, it is never going to slip down and will never cause him a dunking dilemma.

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