Bing is Bliss

Bing, the Microsoft search engine, is very convenient. It previews porn! Before you get excited, please check your geographic location. If you are living in India, you will be warned about adult content. You will not be able to proceed further. But, do not get disheartened. You have a workaround!

After changing my location, I searched for a term denoting a sexual act. Under web, Bing listed the articles featuring this term. When I clicked on the Images, Bing took me to a warning page about SafeSearch settings. I tried again after switching off the SafeSearch settings. Bing(o)! I couldn’t ask for more clarity on the search term as all the images displayed were explicit. I clicked on videos and got similar results.

Then, I switched to my good old friend, Google. I was disappointed. Google turned out to be a prude. For the same term, it showed me suggestive images instead of explicit images. If I were a novice, I would have to use my brains to understand the term!

Microsoft being Microsoft, they have come out with a “workaround”! While searching on difficult words or terms, add “adlt=strict” to the end of your query to make sure the results are clean. This is case sensitive!

Bing rocks!

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  1. I was looking up at similar comparisons, and stumbled upon this as viewpoint.

  2. @Sanju-

    I tried it out with my name. The search engine I voted for was Yahoo. Interesting. When I tried it out individually, without a mashup app, I liked Google!

  3. Interesting 'test drive' this Nona.


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