Full Disclosure

During the commute to work in the morning, one of the local FM channels airs the discourse of a stock market expert in between the Hindi film songs (and the commercials and the call-ins and the call-outs). Since stocks and the markets are an enigma to me, I do not understand any of his tips. Once he is finished, the radio station winds up this short program with a standard set of lines.

As soon as the program is over, the radio station informs us that this person might/might not have interest in the stocks discussed. Every time, I hear those line, I’m bewildered. If he has interest in the stocks discussed, then this becomes an advertisement and not an expert opinion! If it is not an advertisement, the radio station should take pride in their choice of expert and defend him. Playing the undecided only confuses the audience. Hey! I will give you an expert. But I cannot vouch for him!

Elvisier published eight compilations that landed up them in trouble. Merck was one of their sponsors and the compilations favored Merck. Now, they have issued a public statement about disclosing their sponsors. Now aren’t they again confusing the audience? No matter who their sponsors are, they only have to prove their integrity!

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