Movie: Appaloosa

The small town of Appaloosa is terrorized by Randall Bragg(Jeremy Irons). In order to rein in Bragg, three prominent businessmen hires the services of Virgil Cole(Ed Harris), a peacekeeper. So, Virgil comes into town with his partner and friend, Everett Hitch(Viggo Mortensen). Virgil accepts to be the marshall on his terms and conditions.

As soon as he becomes the marshall, Virgil and Everett guns down three of the Bragg’s men who were creating nuisance in the local bar. After this incident, Bragg rides into the town to meet the new lawmen. But he avoids a confrontation with Virgil and Everett, sensing their courage and determination.

When the town is under the watch of Virgil and Everett, Allison “Allie” French(Renee Zellweger) comes into the town to make a living. She is  a widow. Virgil takes a liking to Allie and both gets romantically tangled. Everett senses the change in his friend. But he does not object to Virgil’s choice and silently supports him even though he suspects Allie is not perfect.

Meanwhile, Virgil and Everett comes across a ranch hand who is ready to testify against Bragg. As a result, Bragg is arrested in a surprise attack. He is sentenced to hanging. While he is transported to his new jail, two mercenaries bargain Bragg’s independence by taking Allie as hostage. Bragg is freed. This angers Virgil and he sets in search of Bragg. Everett, being a good friend, follows. The journey to find Bragg and the aftermath forms the rest of the story.

In addition to acting as one of the leads, Ed Harris has also directed the movie. The movie is adapted from a book by Robert B Parker. Ed paints his characters in a subtle manner and lets the audience decipher the emotions.

The movies rests on two performances – Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen. This is a story of loyalty and friendship. Both the friends help each other without imposing on each other. The conversation is as bland as the landscape of Appaloosa. But, the lead actors successfully conveys the message.

This is recommended watch for lovers of Western movies.

Genre: Western

Rating: ***

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. wow, I Really like the plot and your review. Shall not miss the film.

    Thanks for sharing.TC:))

  2. Watched Queen over the weekend, liked it a lot, thanks for that review, will have to keep this one in mind for the coming weekend!

  3. @ZillionBig - It is slow but watchable.

    @Sujata - If you like slow westerns, then go for this.


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