Movie: Chandni Chowk To China

A remote village in China is terrorized by a sinister gangster named Hojo (Gordon Liu). An astrologer predicts the village will be saved by the reincarnation of a warrior named Liu Sheng. The villagers go searching for the reincarnated hero.

Meanwhile, in Chandni Chowk, Sidhu(Akshay Kumar), a cook, daydreams about riches. He runs after sadhus, astrologers and tarot readers much to the distress of Dada(Mithun Chakraborthy). Sidhu was abandoned at a very young age and Dada had taken care of him since then. Sidhu is mistaken as Liu Sheng by the villagers and a sadhu named Guruji (Ranvir Shorey) deliberately conceals the truth while acting as interpreter between Sidhu and the villagers. Despite warnings from Dada, Sidhu and Guruji embarks on the China trip.

At the Chinese embassy in India, Sidhu has an unpleasant experience with Sakhi(Deepika Padukone). After landing in China, Sidhu encounters Sakhi who smuggles diamonds into the country. But, unknown to Sidhu, this girl is actually Suzy, a look alike of Sakhi and she works for Hojo. Sakhi and Suzy are twin sisters. Years ago, they were separated when their dad, Inspector Chang, was attacked by Hojo. Unknown to both the sisters, Chang lost his memory but survived the fight.

When Sidhu luckily escapes and kills the henchmen sent by Hojo, Hojo sends Suzy to find out more about Sidhu. While Suzy unearths Sidhu’s secret from Guruji, Sakhi realizes Suzy is her sister in a chance encounter. Now, Hojo descends into the village to confront Sidhu. Hojo humiliates Sidhu and also kills Dada. Enraged by Dada’s murder, Sidhu tries to fight back. But Hojo easily defeats an unskilled Sidhu and throws him off the Great Wall of China. But he is saved by Chang.

Chang and Sidhu become friends. Sidhu encounters Sakhi when he tries to assassinate Hojo. Sakhi tells him about her sister. Sakhi also unites with her father, Chang. Chang now agrees to train Sidhu and prepares him for the final confrontation with Hojo.

Nikhil Advani directs this movie. Like his previous outing (Salaam-E-Ishq), he delivers a dud this time too. The pace is slow and humor is puerile. The initial part of the movie shows Sidhu as a buffoon and is overshadowed with CG. Some of the yesteryear popular songs are used to enhance the comedy quotient. Akshay and Ranvir does a funny take “Churake Dil Mera” from “Mein Khiladi Tu Anari”, providing one of best laughs in the movie. With a star like Akshay, we expect the action to begin sooner. But we have to wait for over 2 hours before Akshay starts fighting!

The story is very similar to Golden Child or Yodha(malayalam movie) where a unsuspecting person turns out to be the savior. When you have a star like Akshay, there isn’t much you can do wrong even with a lousy script (Sinngh is Kinng is an example!). But, Nikhil has touched a new high by botching this up!

Avoid this trip at all costs.

Genre: Comedy

Rating: No Rating

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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