Movie: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Cair Paravel, the kingdom of Telmarines, is ruled by King Miraz(Sergio Castellitto). He is the custodian of the throne for Prince Caspian(Ben Barnes) after the death of the former king, Caspian IX. The movie opens up with the birth of a baby boy to King Miraz’s wife. As soon as the baby is born, King Miraz orders Prince Caspian to be murdered. But Caspian escapes the attempt. Fleeing from his attackers, Caspian enters the old Narnia. There, he is saved by two dwarves. In the ensuing melee, Caspian blows on Queen Susan’s magic horn.

When the horn is sounded, the Pevensies – Peter(William Moseley), Susan(Anna Popplewell), Edmund(Skandar Keynes) and Lucy(Georgie Henley) – are transported from London to Narnia. They are surprised to find themselves in Narnia, thousands of years later than they left (in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe). Here they meet an assortment of interesting Narnians – a dwarf named Trumpkin(Peter Dinklage), a talking mouse warrior named Reepicheep(voice of Eddie Izzard) and several others – who help them in finding directions in the new Narnia. They are all disappointed when they do not find Aslan(voice of Liam Neeson), the lion. But, Lucy has glimpses of Aslan in the forest and also dreams about him.

Since Prince Caspian is rescued by Narnians, King Miraz builds a bridge across the river connecting Telmarines to Narnia. Once the bridge is finished, the Telmarines will cross over and attack Narnia. (High King) Peter devises a plan in which Narnians attacks the castle of King Miraz. But, this attack is not a success and many Narnians loses their life. The remaining Narnians, who escaped, soon find the Telmarines at their doorsteps. Everyone asks Lucy to find Aslan while Peter distracts the Telmarines by challenging King Miraz to a duel.

Like the previous movie, this movie is also directed by Andrew Adamson. Since this is an adaptation of a novel, there are a lot of characters. Andrew has successfully introduced these characters without creating much confusion to the viewer and not straying away from the main story. He has concentrated on the look and feel of the movie with the help of CG. The result on the screen is very visually appealing and makes us want to be a part of the adventure that is unraveling before our eyes.

If you want to the small kid who indulges on fantasy and magic, go for this and your wish will granted for 140 minutes.

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: ***

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo! Movies

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