Movie: Dead Man

William “Bill” Blake(Johnny Depp) comes into the town named Machine after getting a job offer from John Dickinson(Robert Mitchum). Dickinson’s employee, John Scholfield(John Hurt), informs Bill that he is late for the job by one month. On hearing this, Bill insists on meeting Dickinson. But Dickinson throws Bill out without hearing him out.

Low on cash and alone in a new town, Bill runs into Thel Russell(Mili Avital) in front of a bar. Thel takes Bill to her home. At night, Charlie Dickinson(Gabriel Bryne), son of John Dickson, barges into Thel’s home. Thel and Charlie had broken up recently. In the ensuing gunfight, Thel and Charlie dies while Bill gets wounded. Bill escapes fearing retribution.

Enraged by his son’s death, John Dickinson employs three hired guns – Cole Wilson(Lance Henriksen), Conway Twill(Michael Wincott), Johnny “the Kid” Pickett(Eugene Bryd) - to hunt Bill. Not satisfied by just three hired guns, he also announces a big reward on Bill Blake.

A wounded Bill meets an Indian named Nobody(Gary Farmer). Nobody tries to remove the bullet from Bill’s body without success. Now, Nobody and Bill begins a journey into the wilderness. They meet weird trappers and greedy bounty hunters. They also part ways amicably in between, only to be reunited later.

Jim Jarmusch has directed this movie. The movie is shot in black and white. But the performances get overshadowed by the electric guitar in the background. The director also has used fade-out technique for transitions between scenes which becomes annoying towards the end. Jim Jarmusch uses a lot of symbolism which the regular movie audience will not be able to interpret.

The movie also features Billy Bob Thornton, Alfred Molina and Crispin Glover in very small roles.

If you like movies with metaphor and symbolism, then you should watch this.

Genre: Western

Rating: *

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo! Movies

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