Movie: Flyboys

During World War I, a group of Americans enlist in the flying squadron named “Lafayette Escadrille” in France to fight against the Germans. Blaine Rawlings(James Franco) leaves US after a foreclosure on his ranch. William Jensen(Philip Winchester) goes in search of adventure. Briggs Lowry(Tyler Labine) travels to France to make his dad and family proud. Eugene Skinner(Abdul Salis) signs up because he wants to repay the generosity that France has bestowed on him by giving him shelter for the past two years.

After reaching France, they are trained under Captain Thenault(Jean Reno). They undertake the first mission after training under the command of Reed Cassidy(Martin Henderson). Suffering heavy damages and losing men, the boys see the darker side of war and strength of the enemy. But they also work harder towards achieving their goals. In the meantime, Blaine also falls in love with a local lass.

The movie is directed by Tony Bill. Inspired by a true story, this do not translate into a watchable movie. Cliché ridden, this movie is yawn inducing.

Genre: War

Rating: *

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo! Movies

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