Movie: The Holiday

Iris Simpkins(Kate Winslet), a wedding column writer for a newspaper in London, is preparing for the party at work during Christmas time. Three years back, she had broken up with her colleague, Jasper(Rufus Sewell). But, she is still struggling to get past the relationship. The nearness to Jasper at work and the numerous telephone calls with him for sweet nothings are not helping her. She still hopes to be loved by him. At the party, Jasper’s wedding is announced and she is devastated.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic in Los Angeles, Amanda Woods(Cameron Diaz), a movie-trailer  maker, breaks up with her live-in partner Ethan(Edward Burns). Ethan accuses of being ridden of emotions and addicted to work. Amanda throws Ethan out of her house and wants to escape from LA.

Later in the day, Iris and Amanda connects on an internet site that offers house exchange program. They decide to exchange their houses for two weeks. Amanda lands up in Surrey while Iris flies to LA.

In Surrey, Iris’s brother, Graham(Jude Law), knocks on Iris’s door for staying over for the night as he is drunk. He is greeted by Amanda. Sparks fly and they end up in each other’s arm. Next day, after the initial awkwardness, they realize the growing attraction between them.

In LA, Iris gets two new friends, Arthur Abbot(Eli Wallach) and Miles(Jack Black). Arthur Abbot is a 90 year old screenwriter who leads a reclusive life. Miles is a music composer, who is Ethan’s friend. Arthur helps Iris in regaining her self-esteem. In the meantime, Iris realizes that she has much more in common with Miles than what meets the eye.

The movie deals with how the lives of these women change in the course of two weeks. Nancy Meyers directs this movie. The emphasis is on the girls. Although the end is predictable, it is good to watch the movie as we are curious on how the end will be reached.

Kate Winslet stands out. She excellently portrays the woman who goes weak whenever she meets her former love. We end up sympathizing with her while she struggles to lose the ghosts of her past. Jack Black is a surprise. Although he has underplayed his role, he makes us remember him without overshadowing the main protagonists. Eli Wallach shows that he has not mellowed with age. Cameron Diaz  and Jude Law are okay. Jude Law cries at the end and suppresses his cry with a sniffle. I almost fell off the chair. That was cheesy!

Overall, this is a worthy holiday.

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Rating: ***

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo! Movies

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