Movie: New York

In the present day New York, a shipment of weapons are intercepted by cops. Subsequently, Omar(Neil Nitin Mukesh) is woken up, arrested and interrogated by the FBI. The officer is in charge is a South Asian FBI agent named Roshan(Irrfan). Roshan asks Omar to recount his story after landing in US.

Omar reminisces his past in front of Roshan. In Sept 1999, Omar lands in New York University from New Delhi on a scholarship. He quickly befriends Maya(Katrina Kaif) and Sameer(John Abraham). Roshan interrupts Omar and tells him Sameer is leader of a terrorist sleeper cell. Roshan also tells him that Sameer and Maya are married now and have a son. Omar is shocked.

In his university days, Omar secretly loved Maya. Two weeks before 9/11, Maya professes her love for Sameer and Omar is heartbroken. As the planes hits the twin towers, Omar leaves the university and his friends behind. Now, after 8 years, he is confused at the events unfolding in front of him. Fearing the patriot act, Omar agrees to go undercover to find out the truth about Sameer.

With the help of Roshan, Omar meets Maya and eventually, get invited to stay in their house. Omar openly flaunts his anti-American feelings and also his pistol to smoke out Sameer. But, Sameer is agitated by Omar and asks him to leave his house. In order not to arouse Maya’s suspicion, Sameer finds an alibi for Omar’s sudden departure.

Omar is overjoyed to find out Sameer has no terrorism links. He informs Roshan about Sameer. Sameer takes Omar to the airport in his car. But the car ride is a revelation for Omar.

This is directed by Kabir Khan. This is a marked difference from his earlier movie – Kabul Express. He has shaken off the label of a documentary director and given us a watchable thriller. Yashraj films, as producers, doesn’t hesitate to give the movie good production values. Most of the movie is shot outdoors making the movie visually appealing. The editing of movie could have been a more crisper for heightening the drama.

Irrfan as the FBI agent stands out. Here, he is pitted against younger and much less experienced talent. He provides funny moments in the movie. At the end of the movie, he is neither white nor black. Is he grey? I doubt it! This is the biggest achievement for Irrfan.

Neil Nitin Mukesh scores after Irrfan. He emotes well. He is confused and conflicted about his friend, Sameer. Besides, he wants to genuinely help Sameer.

John Abraham and Katrina are okay. John’s could have been a complex character. Knowing his acting disability, the director has given him limited scope and hence he doesn’t look bad. Katrina puts in an earnest effort.

The songs in the movie are used as a prop to move the story forward. Thankfully, none of the protagonists break into a song in the middle of movie for no reason.

On the whole, watch this New York.

Genre: Thriller

Rating: ***

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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  1. I liked the movie.. your views are very good!!

  2. @Swatantra - Thanks for dropping by. I liked the movie too. It is better than the regular kind of movies. Never a boring moment.

  3. have to watch it.. hope it's as good as u make it out to be..

  4. Well Nona, I don't know if
    -it was the sad sound system in the theater I watched it.
    -I had seen NYC, might have been able to appreciate the movie better.

    In all I found the movie a total drag and hate the TOI for giving it 4 stars.

  5. The newspaper reviews also rate this movie as good. must see it, it's been a long time since I've watched a movie at the theatres.

    BTW, I liked your post on your daughter's RED BAG a lot...the over-serious approach of schools is a major area of concern...but BLOGGER goofed up and refused to publish my comments for some reason.

  6. @JD - Thanks for dropping by. Let me know after you see the movie.

    @Sanju - TOI is giving a push for the movie. Not sure why! Mebbe Yashraj is spending a bomb to promote the movie. Mebbe you didn't like the movie because there is a lot of inspirations from Hollywood movies. I'm a bit tolerant. :)

    @Sucharita - Check it out and let me know. Thanks for the red bag. It has been a while since I saw you in my comments section and been wondering why. Now I know. :)

  7. I will really have to wait to watch this one as the original Dvds take a long time to reach the libraries and Its not getting released in the theaters soon. But I read the review in quite a few blogs, seems like a good film, would watchg it for Irrfan's acting.

  8. I have read another review of Jyothi and one on the net and all say its a good watch.

    I shall watch once it comes on DVD here...Thanks for this good review.

  9. @Sujata - Irrfan is fun to watch. As a determined South Asia who is proud of his thick accent and hating the cheese in the pasta prepared by his Italian wife, he provides quite a few laughs. Wait for couple of months for the original DVDs to hit the market. Drop a line when you have seen it.

    @ZillionBig - Let me know after you watched the movie.

  10. Perfect review..I tried my hand at reviewing it did a better job...I would give the movie three stars too..

  11. @Jyothi- Thanks! I checked your review. You have a point there about this movie stirring uneasy feelings in people.


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