Movie: Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

RJ Stevens(Martin Lawrence) is a successful self-help guru on TV. He is engaged to Bianca(Joy Bryant),  a finalist in Survivor TV show. Bianca is a dominating woman with a competitive edge. As Bianca and RJ plan their wedding, RJ is invited to the 50th wedding anniversary of his parents, Papa Jenkins(James Earl Jones) and Mamma Jenkins(Margaret Avery). Despite the insistence of his son, Jamaal, RJ does not want to go for the anniversary weekend. When he learns his cousin, Clyde(Cedric the Entertainer), is visiting his parents with Lucinda(Nicole Ari Parker), RJ is hooked. After his parent’s death in an accident, Clyde lived with the Jenkins. During the younger days, Clyde always beat RJ in everything. Clyde was the first to ask Lucinda out for the prom night which crushed RJ.

RJ finally goes to the small sleepy town in the south with Bianca and Jamaal. There, he meets his siblings, Otis(Michael Clarke Duncan) and Betty(Mo’Nique) along with his fast talking cousin, Reggie(Mike Epps). Otis had stayed back in the town after a knee injury and is now happily married, expecting a third baby. Betty, after a couple of divorces, is still living in the town. Reggie is dating a Caucasian teenager. Bianca is not impressed with his family members. When everybody settles down for lunch, Clyde and Lucinda makes an appearance. Then, the tension heats up between RJ and Clyde. As the weekend progresses, Bianca gets annoyed with Lucinda’s presence, her affection for Jamaal and her closeness to RJ.

Malcolm D Lee directs this comedy. Martin Lawrence and Cedric the Entertainer gives us a lot of funny moments with their actions and dialogues. The rest of the cast ably supports these two comedians.

You can hardly call it an excellent homecoming. At the same time, it is not bad either.

Genre: Comedy

Rating: **

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. I like my comedies to be rip-roaring funny, not lukewarm.

  2. @Sucharita-
    This is a so-so comedy. Definitely not for you.


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