Number 4

ZillionBig have tagged me with magic four virus. Here I go with my list.

Four places you have lived

  1. Santa Clara: I was single when I landed here. When I packed my bags to India, I had transitioned from single to husband to expectant father.
  2. Pune: You could not live in this city without enjoying the laidback life of Punaikars. A great place for settle down and raise a family.
  3. Gurgaon: My daughter still remembers Gurrrrgaon. The climate is harsh (for a South Indian). But, the aggressive nature of NCR is infectious.
  4. Bangalore: Closer to Kerala and even closer to dear sister(a stone’s throw away), I’m loving this place. 

Four TV shows you love(d) to watch

  1. 24: Jack Bauer saves US in a regular day’s work. Although some episodes are stretched to fill in 60 minutes, I love the gadgets and Kiefer Sutherland! Most of it has to do with admiration for Donald Sutherland. 
  2. Seinfeld: A show about nothing. The jokes haunt you and makes you break out in a laugh at an inappropriate time. I still love it even though Jerry is a very bad actor.
  3. Akkarakazchakal(Malayalam): George-ettan has all the trappings of a Malayali simpleton who migrates to US. I can relate. He also has the best come-backs.
  4. Friends: They may have lost their charm by the 10th season. They have tried all the different permutations and combinations with the lead pairs. But still, somewhere in between 1st and 6th season, I fell in love with this.

Four places you have been on vacation

  1. Chicago: The architectural diversity in this town fascinated me. Armed with a Mapeasy map, we enjoyed the city to the maximum. We walked and walked and walked.
  2. New York: From NJ, we used to catch the 5pm bus into NY as I was mixing business with pleasure. We would come back at 1 am in the morning exhausted. Again we walked and walked and walked. We bought our favorite Mapeasy maps from Manhattan and we were on a roll.
  3. Agra: Seeing the Taj in moonlight was magic. The photos do not do any justice to it. We never thought we will be able to see it (because it is so far away from the south!).
  4. Manali: Almost the second honeymoon and we were running all around the place. Himachal is pretty and Manali is beautiful.

Four of your favorite food

  1. Meen curry: I like to term this as Orange fish curry. It has coconut, cocum and of course, fish.
  2. Pulussery: This is moru kolambu for Tamil and kadi for North Indians. This is the yellowish curry made from curd
  3. Pappadam: This is papad fried in oil.
  4. Choru: This is the brown rice from Kerala

Combine the above four and you have a very yummilicious combination.

Four places you would rather be

  1. Dubai: Be this a myth or a dream, the city deserves to be visited.
  2. Las Vegas: Casino hopping, drinking, having breakfast and then going to bed. The cycle starts all over again when you get up
  3. Jaisalmer: Sands, camels and tents.
  4. Maldives: The clear water and beach.

Four things you hope to do before you die

  1. Money: Yeah and loads of it for financial freedom. 
  2. Education: I would like few more degrees in order to repay my parents for not spending their money wisely during college years.
  3. Farmhouse: Built a house in the middle of lush green paddy fields. I do not want to think of the mosquitoes right now. I will cross that bridge when it comes.
  4. Backpacking: I want to carry my computer and my phone when I go for this. But I do not want to carry my work.

Four novels you wish you were reading for the first time

I can’t think of any! I actually love reading it twice. :)

Four movies you can see over and over

  1. Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge(Hindi): This was a different love story for my generation. I can’t get enough of this movie in spite of countless viewing.
  2. Godfather trilogy(English): The Corleones are interesting characters. I have seen the trilogy back to back – first the movie and then with Francis Ford Coppola’s commentary. I still can watch this again and find something I missed altogether earlier. 
  3. Godfather(Malayalam): Jokes aplenty. Siddique-Lal at their best. It has been 18 years, the jokes still make you laugh!
  4. In Hariharnagar(Malayalam): Siddique-Lal at their second best. The sequel was a hit because of the popularity of the original.

Finally, the following are eligible for being carrier of this virus.

  1. Vaz, who has an interesting perspective about everything around us
  2. Mathew, who has a great sense of humor and a great writing style. (Frankly do not know which is greater!)
  3. Urmi, who is a one-stop resource on places to visit.
  4. Sanju, with a great blog but even greater laziness to update the blog more frequently.



  1. thanks mate, nice knowing you further...And i was all LOLS reading your 4 food choices. I cant agree more. And mix them well with your palm and make round balls and GLUP.....Heaven....:)))))))

  2. @Zillionbig - Thanks for tagging me. I felt nice after writing about the 4's. :) And yes, my combination of food is yummilicious. I'm hungry reading your GLUP!

  3. It was nice knowing you!! I would love to do the go around till dawn have brkfast and sleep..I think my body is wired not to function during the days..

  4. @Sujata - Thanks (and a bunch a thanks to ZillioBig again for tagging me. Now my friends know me better).

    Vegas is the place for you. :)

  5. interesting to know more about the places you have been...i think i have taken this long ago..but would love to take it again..thanks..

    the favourite food items are giving me hunger pangs..:-D

  6. Great to know you better. Looks like you like to travel a lot.Nice..I agree with the movies...except for Godfather(English). I hate the mafia.

  7. @Mathew - :) I did not find the 4's after I subscribed to your blog. Probably, it is buried deep inside. I'm looking forward to your new 4's.

    :) about the hunger pangs. Same here :)

    @Jyothi- I love to travel but do not get much opportunities these days. :(

  8. Thanks a lot for tagging me.Its very interesting to know the places you have visited.Keep writing.

  9. Good Reading!! Very systematic writing!!

  10. @Babli- Looks who is talking. You are writing about exotic places.

    @Swatantra- Thank you.

  11. I knew it, with your fixation with the mafia, Godfather HAD to be your favourite movie.I do not know whether I would like to mix up all the food and roll it into a ball and gulp like zillionbig suggested,but individually the items seem very tempting.
    Good to know you better.

  12. @Aparna - :) on getting the mafia part right.
    They go well with rice. But, ZillionBig's method is even better!

  13. @ Nona - thanks for tagging me Nona. Your list of fab 4 made very interesting reading.Compliments.


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