“Post-It” Neighbor

On Saturday, during a party organized at my sister’s, we had gathered on the balcony for drinks. My sister lives on the ground floor. So, the balcony is very safe for us to get tipsy!

The more, the merrier. The more, the lighter. The more, the louder. That was the scene unfolding in the balcony soon. When my brother-in-law realized we were pushing the decibel levels higher, he was concerned about his neighbor. This neighbor lives on the first floor directly above their apartment. The other neighbor, who lives besides, was already among us on the balcony!

On a previous occasion, my brother-in-law saw a “Post-It” pasted on his door the “day after”. It was kept there by his neighbor upstairs and the note requested him to keep the volume down in the future. My brother-in-law visited his neighbor and apologized. The neighbor was having trouble sleeping due to a splitting head ache.  But he did not want to come down and spoil the party spirit. So, he decided to leave a “Post-It” note.

Don’t we wish for such good neighbors?

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  1. Humm, thats so true, about neighbors.

    And thanks for dropping by. :))

  2. Absolutely true what you have written about neighbours. Good post.


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