Stuck at top!

Nayana_Climbing On Sunday, I heard a distress call coming from the balcony. It was my daughter crying for help. When I rushed to balcony, I saw my daughter hanging on to the bars at the top of the window. After climbing up to the top, she was unable to climb down! I helped her down.

I love the adventurous spirit. But this is also turning out to be a pain area. I have to watch out for her all the time. When we were shopping in Brand Factory couple of weeks back, she went missing with her cousin, my niece. Finally, I found my daughter at the entrance of the mall, holding her cousin’s hand and leading her cousin outside the shop. She gave a sly smile when I called out her name and stopped midway.

On Saturday, my sister was recounting her childhood. She was an accomplished climber herself, but coming in second to one of our cousins always. The climbing spirit is intact in the family and the legacy has been handed down to GenX.

Finally, I was afraid she will hurt herself by falling down. In my childhood, I was frequently reprimanded for jumping from the terrace to the porch. It was a house built with a vast terrace and a tiled roof over the ground floor. I was confident of a safe fall from the terrace to the gravel on the porch. My guardians weren’t.

I’m sure my daughter is very confident. But I’m not…

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  1. Oh the spirit of adventure! The kids are always confident, the parents always unsure. BTW, did you make her climb up again to click the pic?

  2. @Aparna-
    I clicked the picture while she was hanging on to it. :|

  3. I liked your blog very much.Excellent post.Keep writing.
    You are welcome in my blogs.

  4. @Babli-
    Thanks for dropping in and subscribing to my posts.

  5. the pic reminds me so much of childhood...and a urge to go back...sigh we lose our sense of adventure as we grow older..

  6. @Mathew-
    That is why a wise man('s t-shirt) said "Education spoiled me!


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