And a Boss Reports…

Boss is the most revered and also feared person in the world! What if you have your boss reporting to you for a day? Does this sound like a fantasy?

There are many instances where a boss has ended up as a reportee to his reportee. When we started on a project with an esteemed client a couple of years back, our reporting manager at the client’s organization was an ex-colleague of one of my team mates. In their previous organization, the present reporting manager was reporting my team mate! Were they embarrassed? Frankly, I do not know!

At present, I’m living out this fantasy. In the past few days, my boss is reporting to me. I’m overjoyed to the point of being ecstatic. Boy! I do feel powerful. Wait! There is a catch! But, I’m still reporting to my boss.

Yes, I’m reporting to my boss and my boss is reporting to me. We are entangled in a circular relationship! Obviously, somebody at the backend has issued a wrong update triggering the start of this unique relationship. While the joy might not last for long, I still intend to make most of it.

I’m cancelling all his leaves and he is not getting cash claims!

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  1. Rule no 1 Boss is always right. Rule no 2 He may be wrong Rule no 3 Go to rule no 1!!

  2. Dude.....don't overdo all I have to say......I guess everyone has to remember this that they were reporting to someone one day and now someone has to report to them.
    Long story short when you become boss you forget the days when you were a reportee.... :-)

  3. @Swatantra - Right! The boss is ALWAYS right!

    @Arvind- Rightly said! But, I'm a simple human being. Let me have my revenge for a very short time. ;)

  4. Go ahead and make his life hell. Even it is for a short while, nothing will feel as good.

  5. boss are like principles of school you wish them not to come to work first time in your blog love your writings dear

  6. @Aparna- :) Nice to meet a fellow "simple human being".

    @Shilpa - Thank you - for dropping by and also for the encouraging words. :)

  7. Circular reference error in real life. Better be good to him Nona, who knows he may end up being your Boss again some day!

  8. @Vaz - He is still my boss. This circular reference error is because of some bug in the internal HR system!


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