At the well

AttheWell I slept peacefully till 9 am today. After an emergency call which ended up in me staying in the office way past midnight yesterday, I was happy to sleep without any interruption.  Today, I wanted to chill out at home. Everything was working for me till 10 am in the morning! That is when the most precious resource ran out.

The water stopped and the taps ran dry! For the past few days, this has been a regular phenomenon. So, my wife strode nonchalantly to the balcony and called for the guard to start the motor. She was in for the first surprise of the day! The motor has failed.

We have water stored in a huge tank dug under the garage. From there, the water is pumped into another tank on the balcony. From this tank up above all of us, we get our daily doze of the precious resource. Today morning, the motor died. There was smoke around the motor indicating probable self-immolation.

There is no dearth of good Samaritans when you live in a good community. So, I waited for the Samaritans to kick into action. After an hour of wait, my dry taps still refused to give me water. So, I went looking for the Samaritans. I found all of them huddled in the garage.

The Samaritans also were helpless. The machine has breathed it’s last. There are only two options – repair the motor or get a new motor. Being Sunday, there are no shops open. So, repairing will take 2 days and a new motor can be bought only on Monday. The hunt for a temporary replacement did not yield any results. I was happy and sad at the same time. It is not lack of trying but fate conspiring against us.

So, now we have to carry our buckets to the storage tank in the garage. Tie a rope on one of the buckets. Lower it down into the tank. Fill the bucket with water. Raise it up. Empty the water into the other buckets. Carry them upstairs. This task is made easier as the elevators are very close to the tank.

As we are a civilized bunch, there isn’t any rush in front of the tank!

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  1. thats your/wife's gymming for the day taken care of! and you have a small cheer leader as well!!

  2. @Sujata - We had trouble keeping the cheerleader at bay. And fyi, my wife's working out is set for next couple of days.

  3. Water is precious no????The cheerleader would have definitely been the happiest. I am sure she will blog about this when she grows up. ;-) Good Luck for the next couple of days!!!

  4. @Jyothi - I certainly do hope she blogs. :) The good thing is blogger is going to alive as long as Google exists. She can read about this when she grows up. :)

    I'm on Day 2. Hopefully, this will get fixed by today evening!

  5. In a similar trouble we hired a person who provided water from the taps. Think of a bachelor who has to do it all by him/Herself.

  6. @Pradip - If I were a bachelor, I would have moved to a friend's place! :(

  7. The picture is cute!! The kids have fun in these kind of situtation!!

    Good luck!!

  8. oops, hope things have been sorted out. I can understand the torment. :)))

  9. @Swatantra - Thanks. Right about the kids having fun. She wanted to look inside the tank!

    @ZillionBig - Finally, it is sorted out! There is water in the taps.

  10. Good it was a Sunday. I am sure you were a chivalrous husband and carried all the buckets.
    We incidentally are experiencing water shortage in Mumbai and for the last few weeks the taps run dry at noon everyday. It is because the monsoons arrived late.

  11. @Aparna- Chivalrous or not! It is for my dearest wifey to say. But we carried the buckets. Even my daughter carried a small empty bucket. :)

    In Bangalore, there are no rains this time!

  12. Very well written.I think the cheerleader would have been the happiest.Very sweet picture.


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