Can You Reproduce?

“Can you reproduce?”. When I heard the question, I was puzzled. When I realized it was a woman’s voice, my jaws dropped and embarrassment quickly sunk in. I was about to defend my abilities by saying, “I could! My daughter is a living proof!”. But I muffled the rebounding remark when I realized the question was directed at  someone else.

My colleagues were talking loudly in the adjacent cubicle. Why would a girl question a boy on the subject of procreation? I refer to these individuals as a girl and a boy because they are very young – in the early twenties! I was curious! So, in order to quench my intense desire to know more, I sat up and listened to the conversation in progress.

Girl: Can you reproduce?

Boy: *Silence*

Girl: *in a louder tone* Hey! Can you reproduce?

Boy: Yes, I can. Do you want me to show it to you?

Girl: Yes

As this was getting out of control, I intervened before things got worse.

Me: Wow, wow, wow! Hold it! What is happening?

Boy: Nothing!

Me: Really?

Boy: I have noticed a bug in the software! She wants me to reproduce the same error in another system and show it to her. She is ready to fix the error if I reproduce it!

I let out a sigh of relief. Indeed, everything is under control!

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  1. well.. the "indirect thought" with an exclamation, was raised by the boy himself ,i suppose.. :)

  2. Refreshing... :)
    Was just thinking what if the guy had answered, "yes intermittently"?

  3. They got you big time Nona.I tend to stay away from the 20-something people these days, they talk funny.

  4. @Mitz - Thanks for dropping by. :)

    @ZillionBig - Thanks.

    @Swatantra - :)

    @Sanju - LOL. That was even funnier!

    @Aparna - I have no choice. Everyone in my team is 20 something!

  5. LOL! Reminded me of a joke where the husband has a habit of saying, "Just a sec" and the angry wife yells, overheard by scandalised neighbours, "Secs, secs, secs! Is that all you think of?"

  6. :-)such things keep happening and are real stress busters..

    that joke by sucharita was funny..

  7. @Sucharita - LOL

    @JD - Yes. I agree they are real stress busters.

  8. i was worried youngters like us will get spoiled..shucks..only a software is it? bah:(

  9. hahahahah i thought the same way you did untill i read the last lines was funny

  10. @Ramesh - :) They are discussing about fixing a defect in the software!

    @Shilpa - :)

  11. Hahahaha, Well, Happens all the time... :D


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