Cleaning an aquarium!

I’m not a “pet” person. So, I do not have an aquarium at home. If you do have an one, then be careful while cleaning it up. Why do people clean their aquarium? The aquarium is an abode for fishes (and other aquatic animals?!). So are ponds, rivers,  seas and oceans. Nobody cleans these! In fact, we keep dumping all sorts of things into these water bodies. Aren’t they supposed to be the reservoir for our unwanted and imperishable stuff? Coming back to the original question, if we don’t clean up these water bodies, why do we clean aquariums?

Fine with me, if you still want to clean it up. But take a look at what happened to my colleague’s husband. He was cleaning their aquarium. It fell down and broke. His sorrows did not end there. On the way down, the broken glass piece left a deep cut on his wrist severing the tendons. He rushed to the hospital immediately. At the hospital, the people who were supposed to be giving him medical care was more concerned on the reason behind the cut. Was this a botched-up attempt at suicide? Finally, he managed to get the medical attention. After 5 stitches, the situation is under control.

But imagine the pain, his wife is going through. There are several accusations leveled at her!

  • Not only does she drive us crazy, she also drives her husband mad to the point of suicide.
  • She has to appear before the cops. So, she left early from work yesterday.

All this for cleaning an aquarium?

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  1. This post reminded me of the aquarium we had in India, the tank, the water plants and the fish travelled with us through three different states..the tank emptied, cleaned and dried wud go in cargo the fish and the plants in a water filled bucket with us on train..the cleaning and oxygenating of the aquarium was fun and we had names for each of the fishes..feeding them with live worms was a bit yukky thing. We gave it away to a friend before coming to Muscat and each time we go back to Pune..its a pleasure to see the fish tank!!

  2. you could have placed it in a better manner, giving stress on the accident happened and the consequences she had to face.. topic got deviated to environmental concerns rather than the funny part that we framed at office. :)

  3. @Sujata - Glad this post invoked nostalgia in you.

    @Swantantra - If you are sad about the teasing, not to worry. She is taking it in the right spirit!

    @Mitz - :)

  4. Thought provoking post...Keep writing.

  5. This is a strange twist in aquarium cleaning, I am sorry to read that such a strange twist of fate happened.
    However this said, there are many reasons for cleaning an aquarium, and this VERY important aspect of aquarium maintenance should not be avoided for the rare chance of such a disaster.
    My guess is this person tried to move the aquarium to clean it, rather than follow proper aquarium cleaning & maintenance procedures.

    See this article:

  6. @Carl - Thanks for stopping by. Yes, you are right! The person moved the tank while cleaning. Thanks for the link. I will pass it on. :)


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