Modern Greek Hero

Harry Markopolos is a modern Greek Hero. Although the title might seem preposterous, Markopolos indicates Greek lineage and Harry has been crying wolf about Bernie Madoff for a long time. So, with a tiny suspension of disbelief, the modern Greek hero title suits for Harry.

When asked by Frank Casey to design a scheme similar to Madoff scheme, it took only 5 minutes for Harry to figure out this was a fraud. Frank Casey worked with Harry and was amazed at the money Madoff was raking in. Harry without hesitation pointed this to be a Ponzi scheme. Harry pursued Madoff for the next 10 years until the day Madoff gave up.

How can this plain and simple to an individual? Why was the rest of the world running in the other direction? How can someone fight for so long without any material benefits?

Now that Madoff is sentenced to 150 years behind bars, Harry can relax. The entire life savings of many were washed away. But many more were rescued from making bad judgements.

150 years of sentence? Isn’t that ridiculous? Is the life expectancy more in US? What is the rationale behind for such kind of sentencing?

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