Movie: Bob le Flambeur

In the quiet town of Montmartre, Bob Montagne(Roger Duchesne) spends the early hours of the dawn gambling in the seedy institutions. Bob is middle aged and spends a quiet life now after coming out of prison for a robbery. He also has a friend in Inspector Ledru(Guy Decomble). Years ago, Bob had pushed a man who was about to shoot Ledru, thereby saving the latter’s life. Inspector Ledru has not still identified the reason behind Bob saving his life. According to him, it could either be saving the shooter from a long prison sentence or saving Ledru from death!

Bob find two young people during his nocturnal visits and their life gets entangled with his. The first is an young girl, Anne(Isabelle Corey). She is approached by a pimp. Bob warns the pimp as he knows the pimp treats the girls badly. The second is a wannabe gambler, Paulo(Daniel Cauchy), who is like Bob in his younger days. Bob becomes his mentor. Anne and Paulo gets romantically inclined and Paulo becomes emotionally attached to Anne.

One day, he loses all his money while gambling. Pushed to a corner, Bob plans a final heist on a casino in Deauville. While he is planning the heist, Inspector Ledru gets to know about this plan from his informers.

This movie was released in 1956 and is directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. The emphasis is on the dilemmas – presence and absence – of the various characters.

This is a good watch on a lazy afternoon.

Genre: Crime

Rating: ***

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. will try and catch it..reminds me of a movie I quite liked..'catch me if you can' toma hanks as the inspector and dicaprio as the conman

  2. @Sujata-
    This movie is more like "Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha" (Ajay Devgan/Kajol or Frech Kiss(the "inspiration" of the "PTHHT". :)
    It is a good watch. This is a black and white movie. Forgot to mention in the review!

  3. thanks, appears interesting. will see if i get a chance.


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