Movie: Dasvidaniya

Amar Kaul(Vinay Pathak) is an hardworking professional. He is 37 years old, still unmarried and lives with his mother(Sarita Joshi). His brother, Vivek Kaul(Gaurav Gera), lives separately after his marriage. The marriage was opposed by their mother.

Amar is very methodical and prepares a “To do” list before starting the day. At work, his boss(Saurabh Shukla) and colleagues have no concern for his thoughts or well being. He is usually taken for a ride.

After a medical checkup resulting from a troubled stomach, Amar is informed about the advanced stage of cancer. He has only three months to live. With no medical history of similar problem in his family, Amar finds it difficult to believe that he has a fatal disease.

Once he comes to term with his imminent death, he decides to live his rest of the life fulfilling all his dreams. He gradually goes into his past and writes down ten things he wanted to do.

Amar slowly starts to realize what is written down in his list. He confronts his boss, buys a new car, learns guitar and expresses his love to his old classmate, Neha(Neha Dhupia). He also flies to a foreign country to meet his best friend, Rajiv(Rajat Kapoor).

Directed by debutante director Shashant Shah, this plot of movie has a striking resemblance to The Bucket List. The similarity ends at the list of ten things to do before dying. While The Bucket List had two protagonists with vast resources to achieve all the things they wanted to do, Dasvidaniya has a common man who achieves the difficult tasks with his resourceful planning.

Vinay Pathak excels as Amar. He is earnest when he expresses his desire to learn to play the theme song of “Kal Ho Na Ho” to the guitar maestro. This is one scene that evokes laughter and sympathy. Watch Vinay’s expressions changes from happiness to disappointment to sorrow in many scenes.

Of the supporting cast, Sarita Joshi stands out as Amar’s eccentric mother.

Although the pace in the second half slackens, this is a must watch!

Genre: Drama

Rating: ****

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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  1. Haven't watched this one. but please tell me, does he really die in the end? I hate movies where the hero dies. I am the perpetually happy ending types.

  2. i didnt hear too greatly about this movie. But there is a nice song, Meri Maa, or something similar.

    Thanks for sharing.:)

  3. I watched this on youtube..connecting the comp to the was not a great print but I enjoyed the movie.

  4. Though I have not heard about this movie but after reading your post I feel like watching it.

  5. @Aparna- The lead has terminal cancer. So, he does die in the end. But the movie ends in a positive note. I liked the ending too because it indicated closure.

    @ZillionBig - Yes. He sings the songs strumming the guitar. So he fulfills one of his wishes of learning to play guitar

    @Sujata - :)

    @Babli - Go for it.

  6. I saw this movie long back and it's one of the most wonderful movies ever. I had laughed and cried at the same time..

  7. Vinay Pathak has come a long way.From being a stand up comedian to almost a lead player has been a long route.

  8. I watched the movie the day before yesterday.Its a must watch movie. Thanks for the review. ;-)

  9. @JD- :) Agree with you

    @BKC - Yes! Vinay has come a long way. He has turned out to be an excellent actor, a far cry from his MTV days. :)

    @Jyothi - Glad you enjoyed the movie.

  10. I loved the scene where he opens his heart to Neha. So many expressions flash in and out on his face. Immaculate timings.

  11. @Ajeesh - :) Agree with you. It was an excellent scene.


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