Movie: Ee Pattanathil Bhootham

Satheedran(Mahadevan), a sorcerer, hunts down a good genie, who is hiding away fearing entrapment, and locks the genie in a bottle. Meanwhile, in another part of the town, Ancy(Kavya Madhavan) comes home for the final rites of her dad, Philipose(Janardhanan). Philipose was running a circus and he was murdered on the opening night. She is consoled by Robins(Suresh Krishna), Korah(Rajan P Dev) and Suzy(Bindu Panicker). The cops have arrested Jimmy, the foster son of Krishnan(Innocent) for the murder.

Krishnan was an old friend of Philipose. Being a good man, he takes up children from the street and takes care of them. Jimmy is also one of them. Krishnan has Sisupalan(Suraj Venjarammood) and a bunch of kids with him. The entire gang is ill treated by the circus folks.

Meanwhile, because of the escapades of Inspector Parakkum Madhavan, Satheendran loses the bottle in which genie is locked. The bottle ends up in the circus camp. The genie is released by Krishnan, Sisupalan and his gang. At the request of the kids, the genie takes up the appearance of Jimmy(Mammootty). Slowly, the genie helps the kids from their predicament. He also saves Ancy from an accident.

Now, Ancy trust the genie. After repeated demands from Ancy and also due to Krishnan’s persuasion, the genie appears before Ancy. Ancy is surprised to find resemblance of Jimmy. Krishnan explains Jimmy’s innocence. Philipose had requested Jimmy’s presence on the opening night. After a successful show, Jimmy went to his original camp for the night. But the next day, Philipose was found dead. Just when the genie helps them to identify the killer, Satheendran appears and also traps the genie.

Now, Ancy, Krishnan and gang is helpless since the two of their trusted people are in confinement. The rest of the story forms how they bring Jimmy out of the jail, how the life of genie and Jimmy are entwined and finally solving the mystery behind Philipose’s murder.

Johnny Antony, the director, aims at providing wholesome entertainment to the kids. He is aided by the writers Sibi K Thomas and Udayakrishna, who has shown their slapstick skills in earlier movies too. The audience is supposed to leave their brains behind at home and forget logic. There are few moments which evoke laughter. But on the whole, the film lacks technical finesse and also good jokes! The graphics used is very amateurish, which acts against the movie.

Suraj Venjarammood cracks the funniest lines and also performs his mimicry bit. Although he plays the role of a side-kick, he outshines everyone else. Salim Kumar provides us with funny moments as the bumbling Inspector. But he still indulges in innuendos putting family audience to discomfort.

Mammootty disappoints this time. His earlier outing with Johnny Antony(Thruppu Gulan) provided us a lot to laughs. This time around, there aren’t any funny dialogues for Mammootty. He tries to be different and childlike as the genie. But the voice used works against him. He has used the same voice modulation as the character he enacted in Mrugaya years ago.

Language: Malayalam

Genre: Comedy

Rating: *

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  1. Salim kumar is my fav comedian now. Suraj has become repetitive isnt not?

    Mammotty is not my favorite i rarely watch his movies, except for few like amaram, bhoodakannadi, valsalyam and old ones like kalikkalam, artham. He has become a clown with his portrayal of a young man. He should act his age now. Only exception was Rajamanikyam.

    Thanks, i would have avoided it anyhow. but good that i got to know about it through this blog. Cheers:))

  2. Although I cannot understand Malayalam at all, I have always felt that many films in this language have whacky storylines and amazing technical skill-display.

    Liked your posts on religion and horoscopes (which should not matter in love, but does with parents). And water problem is common in Mumbai as well.

  3. @ZillionBig- Both Suraj and Salim Kumar are becoming repetitive. Although both are extremely talented, I favor Suraj for cleaner dialogues(less innuendos than Salim Kumar). Sometimes, Salim Kumar makes you cringe in your seat!

    @Sucharita- Welcome back. Looks like you are catching up on the previous posts! :)

    About Malayalam movies, we complain these days about them. They are not upto the mark of the 80's which was a good period. The "superstars" wanted to act in good movies and were not caught in an "image-trap". Nowadays, we get really bad movies dished out at us! We get lucky at times too. :)

  4. Malayalam korchu korchu ariyon.As I have done MBA from Cochin so I can speak little bit of malayalam but can understand very well.I have seen lots of Malayalam movies in my college days and ofcourse I have Tamil movies also.So every movie has a typical story and sometimes interesting too.

  5. Felt completely helpless reading this post. My knowledge of Malayalam cinema is zilch except knowing that my friend from college had a crush on Mammootty and watching some classics on Doordarshan by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. May be you should write an educational post for non Malayalam readers on Malayalam cinema.

  6. Likhte achaa hai, parantoo thoda tough hai samajhne mein!!

  7. @Babli - So, you are a Rajagiri alumni? Hope you enjoyed Cochin! My mother stays in Cochin. You should write you experience in Cochin on your blog. The movies are not as good as the old ones.

    @Aparna - I will definitely write a beginner's guide on Malayalam movies! FYI. Mammootty along with Mohanlal is still ruling the malayalam movie industry! There are young blood trying to get a foothold in the industry! But nobody is breaking the spell of M&M(Mammootty and Mohanlal)!

    @Swatantra- :) I will try to make it simpler next time!


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