Movie: Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Professor Bloom(John Hurt) explains the legend of the Golden Army to his foster son, Hellboy, on a cold night in 1955. In a battle between humans and elves, the master of goblin blacksmiths build a golden army of mechanical creatures for King Balor, king of elves. Prince Nuada(Luke Goss), son of King Balor, was instrumental in the influencing King Balor. In the next battle with humans, the golden army destroys the humans without mercy. Seeing the destruction, King Balor repents over his decision and agrees on a truce with human. As part of the truce, Prince Nuada is exiled and the magical crown that controls the golden army is broken into three pieces. One of the piece is given to humans and the others kept with elves. Now, the golden army is put to sleep and will only be awakened when the crown is pieced together.

In the present time, Prince Nuada steals the piece of the crown that belongs to humans from a museum with the help of tooth fairies. Then, Prince Nuada kills his father King Balor and retrieves the second piece of the crown. But before he could get the third piece of the crown, his twin sister, Princess Nuala escapes with the third piece.

Hellboy(Ron Perlman), his live-in girlfriend Liz(Selma Blair), Abe Sapien(Doug Jones) and Dr Manning(Jeffrey Tambor) are brought in by Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense(BPRD) after the carnage in the museum. During this mission, Hellboy reveals himself to the world thereby creating trouble for Dr Manning. So, a new BPRD agent, Johann Krauss, is sent to take charge from Dr Manning.

The BPRD team tracks down the tooth fairies to a troll market under Brooklyn bridge. Here, Hellboy and team saves Princess Nuala from being captured by Prince Nuada. In order to save Nuala, Hellboy fights two of Nuada’s sidekicks – a troll named Wink and a forest god named Elemental. After losing the fight, Nuada creates confusion in Hellboy’s mind as to which side he should belong! Nuada escapes.

Nuala is taken to the BPRD compound. Over there, while Hellboy is busy sorting out the relationship issue with Liz and Abe is slowly falling in love with Nuala, Prince Nuada plans to strike.

This movie is the sequel to the movie, Hellboy and is also directed by Guillermo del Torro like the predecessor.Guillermo is good in depicting the abstract and is in familiar territory with this story of demons, elves and strange creatures. However, the movie lacks the novelty of the first part. The audience is thrown into a dizzy with the mumbo-jumbo associated with the Golden Army and the scenes depicting the epilogue is long drawn.

This is an action movie. So, there are no performances to mention about. Among the action scenes, all the ones executed by Prince Nuada is similar to Matrix style action. Two actions scenes are worth mentioning and this is part of the climax – Hellboy and Krauss fighting the Golden Army and final fight between Hellboy and Nuada on a giant rotor.

If you are not an comic book person, then this is not for you!

Genre: Action

Rating: **

Picture Courtesy: Yahoo! Movies

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  1. Seems to be full of action. I am rather sedentary in my preferences, though.

  2. BTW, I liked the attempt at creating a new mythology.

  3. @Sucharita - Not for you! Not for you! :)

  4. cute!! Do you watch all these movies~~

  5. Not for me either, am afraid. Ohh Btw watched two great fils this weekend. Australia and Vicky Christina barcelona. Loved them both.

  6. @Swatantra - Yes. I do!

    @Sujata - Still waiting for those to release on DVD here in India!

  7. Not my kind of a movie Nona, I think i'll stay away this time.

  8. thanks buddy 4 passing by..cheers...

  9. I think its a action movie and I love action and comedy movies.Thanks for telling about this movie.

  10. @Aparna - :)

    @Ramesh - :)

    @Babli - This is an action movie. But no action scenes worth mentioning!


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