Tale of a beer lover

He was apprehensive after his marriage! After catering to the demands of the competitive world, he occasionally winds up his day with a bottle of beer. But he is not an addict! He doesn’t search for occasions to get drunk. Instead he picks up a bottle when he is really tired.

He was not sure about his wife’s conviction. During the initial days of the marriage, he was relieved to find his wife did not object to drinking. Her dad drinks occasionally too.

Armed with confidence, he bought a bottle of beer home. He checked his wife’s reaction while putting the bottle into the refrigerator. He was happy for not finding a disapproving look.

After a while, he took the chilled bottle out of the refrigerator. He took a beer mug and poured the beer into it. Then, he sat in front of the TV before taking the first sip.

To his surprise, his wife was towering over him when his lips touched the glass. She exclaimed, “What are you doing? You are impossible! You are an addict. My father dilutes his drink with water before drinking. He pours only a small amount of alcohol. You are consuming this as it is!”.

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  1. hahaha, I was ROFWL, and more ROFWL.hehehe.Nice one.

    BTW, Autobiographical??lols

  2. @ZillionBig- This piece is inspired by a friend's experience. Glad you like it.

  3. I was also laughing! But I also thought that this was your story! As the uncomplaining (At least, I think so) but non-participating wife of a weekend-drinker (beer, whiskey, vodka - it varies), I enjoyed this post!

  4. your blog is becoming an addiction. good one this.

  5. @Sucharita - Thank you. As for the uncomplaining part, do you have a citation from your husband? :)

    @cybercoffee - Thank you. Never realized you were reading these. Thanks for commenting and also visiting.

  6. Hahahaha...Lovely post...I enjoyed a lot.

  7. ven it comes to blogs, real time stories r de best.. its really appreciable tat u r bloggin keepin de real essence of it.. :)

  8. @Babli - Thanks.

    @Kavita - Thanks for dropping by

    @Mitz - :) Thanks

  9. I thot his wife would be yelling at him for bringing only 'a' bottle of beer..then not sharing with her at all...this is not the (good/bad) old 90s bro...look around..

  10. Ha ha ...for the uninitiated no measure is a small one. And with the Wifi thing in here, the distance from Beer to DeBeer's is not much isnt it?

  11. @Anil - :) Well, they become progressive after spending time with drunkards like us. :)

    @Vaz - Yeah Yeah! No measure is a small one!


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