A Bus Ride and Masks

I felt like an alien after stepping into the red Hi-Tech bus, Vayu Vajra. Most of the people around me were wearing masks over their nose and mouth. After initial awkwardness, fear possessed me. I do not have a mask! I’m without protection! It was too late to turn back. The automatic doors shut behind me and the bus moved forward.

The conductor and the driver sported masks too. My fear turned into pity as these two Samaritans, on government payroll, are more prone to the risk of flu. A couple of days earlier, I happen to lend my ears to a person in the whining mode. He feared catching flu because he lives in an area dominated by a certain religious community. I asked what is the link between a religion and flu. The people from that religion travel a lot! Trust us to bring a religious flavor at the unexpected moments! I wonder what would the conductor and the driver whine about?

The bus was cooler because of the air condition. I began to suffocate as I imagined flu viruses floating around. I did not open my mouth fearing they will enter my body through my mouth. But I left my nostrils open because I didn’t want to die of asphyxiation. Gathering courage, I decided to take on the consequences in my usual style – my usual style being without a plan. On second thoughts, without a plan is exaggeration. Without even an “outline” of a plan would be apt.

I examined my fellow passengers while settling down on the comfortable seat. There were two types of masks. One was light greenish masks which was a popular model among my fellow passengers. The other type was a white mask with a small circle sticking out from the mouth. This looked like a more expensive brand for it wasn’t very popular.

The bus stopped at an intersection. While waiting for the green signal, the driver lowered his mask and lowered the window. Now, he looked like a doctor who came out of an operation theater. Although he looked cool, he was susceptible to the flu now - just like me and a handful of other unmasked travelers. Then he performed the most despicable act. He spat outside! Whoever decided to make the mask never thought about our birthright while designing this thing!

Picture Courtesy: http://new.aol.ca

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  1. lol! that was funny. The cool driver needs his quota of spitting..mask or no mask!

  2. Hey, the same thing happened with me! I went to a super market recently and I was handed over a mask before I entered.All the shoppers wore them, the attendants wore them and I was thrilled about how conscience we were becoming. Suddenly the security guard, took off his mask and spat on the pavement!

    I was hopping mad and registered a complaint against him! Such a swine!

  3. Sorry, spelling error, meant conscious

  4. buddy thanks yar...no, i dint interview many celebrities because..i found i was not getting paid yar. like i said i will go all the way and interview them, they will take a flight to New York, and i ll be left wondering where i could have a Pav Bhaji at a road corner..bullshit yar..journalism hardly pays...sorry i dragged on..anywy thanks and stay connected..

  5. but der r a few others i have met..and i ll write about my experiences yar..thanks..

  6. @Sujata - No Flu can come between him and spitting!

    @Aparna - Do they distribute masks over there? That is nice. But I hope they do not recycle the masks!

    @Ramesh - Thanks for sharing. :) Will wait till you post more experiences.

  7. Come and get your award from my blog

  8. hahhaa... nice one...
    the masks are useless if people do not have the basic civic sense...
    by the way...i loved ur expression :)

  9. @Aparna - Thank you for the award.

    @Neha - Thanks for dropping by. Glad you like the post. :)

  10. Tells a lot about the common sense and the feeling of a civic responsibility of the person, doesn't it?

    With all such habits embedded in our society how in the world would such health threats be contained?

  11. @scorpiogenius - Unfortunately, I don't have an answer. I ask my friends against doing so. That is the "small" change I can bring in.


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