Danger Light

Boy 1: Have you noticed a couple of new faces in the other project?

Boy 2: Yes. Couple of eye candies.

Boy 1: Especially that one who is walking in the cup of coffee.

Boy 2: Yeah, man! But, the danger light is on.

It was a lazy afternoon at work and I was overhearing two of my colleagues engaged in a conversation. As the conversation progressed, I was interested and disinterested in alternating cycles. My interest spiked up on hearing the word “eye candy”. Then, it dipped down as these boys were young enough to be discussing school going girls. Finally, the levels spiked up on hearing the word “danger light”. Unable to contain the curiosity, I walked up to them and enquired.

Me: Well… Excuse me for overhearing.

Boy 1 & Boy 2: Tsk Tsk…

Boy 2: Bad man with bad manners. You should not be doing this.

Me: *sheepish smile and meekly* You guys were loud.

My colleagues gave me a cold look as I defended myself. Realizing this to be a wrong move, I decided to ask the question that was burning me.

Me: Tell me what did you mean by danger light.

Boy 1 & Boy 2: *laughing*

Boy 1: Aren’t you married?

Me: Yes.

Boy 1: Then you know.

Me: No, I don’t know.

Boy 2: It is the thing on their forehead.

Me: You mean the bindi?

Boy 1: No! It is the red thing they wear on the parting line of their hair.

Yes, it is sindoor. It is red in color like the danger light!

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  1. aah yes!! I remember so many of my male friends backing off when they saw some good-looking girl with sindoor on her hair-parting!

  2. boys will be boys!! wish we had solitaires to fluant instead of the silly danger light..are the husbands listening???

  3. @Swatantra - Thanks.

    @Sucharita - :) So, it functions as a stop light!

    @Sujata - Don't worry. The husbands have selective hearing.

    Representing the union of husbands, here is my response.... Isn't solitaire a game provided by Microsoft? :)

  4. It is also a diamond, which I am still waiting for. As a sign of protest, I have stopped putting sindoor on my parting. Now I just sing 'meri maang heeron se bhar do'.

  5. @Aparna - :) and any luck so far?

  6. Lucky guys to finally spot sindur nowadays....clashes with modern wear today...and i see a many danger lights commenting here,me included...lol...

  7. @Kavita - Thanks for dropping by! Danger lights comes in many levels. I guess you are sporting the Level 0, The invisible danger light. :)

  8. Probably could have been an ingenous hindu ritual to ward off unwated gazes. Speak of the color 7 positioning!

  9. @NONA....I WEAR SINDOOR 24/7....I wear both visible and invisible danger signs....lol.

  10. @Vaz - Sure there is gonna be an explanation for this!

    @Kavita - :)


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