“Exploitation!”, fumed my friend.

Three of us were discussing about apartments and their proximity to work. The friend, who is fuming now, was searching for a new apartment. The rest of us were surprised as he moved into this apartment in the recent past.

We: Why are you looking again?

He: I looking for an apartment which is closer to my wife’s workplace.

We: But she works for the big company and has the option of working from home. So shouldn’t you be looking for a place nearer to your work?

He: Working from home! Because of that option, she is working till midnight. This is bad. Exploitation! The organization is exploiting the employees!

I always thought working from home was a boon. I have never been blessed with this. But, for the first time, I heard someone complaining about this. Soon, the inbuilt prejudices sprang it’s head.

We: You sure about the organization? I have two neighbors who vouch for the organization because they have freedom and flexibility to work from home.

He: *puzzled* Hmm.. May be.. In my case…

We: Who is your wife reporting to? Where is the person located? Is he a local?

He: Yes, he is a local.

We: *laughs* There you go!

He: *after a pause* Her manager joined recently. He belonged to a smaller organization before!

We: *laughing louder*

It makes sense now. It is always difficult to work with a new guy, especially when he comes from a small organization.

My advice. Patience till the new guy gets corrupted in the ways of the big organization.

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  1. This post is something different and also interesting.Really its an exploitation as nobody should work after office hours and bringing office work at home is irritating.Usually you write about the various movies but I liked this post very much.

  2. I don;t know what role has the "local"got to do with this.In my opinion,it is an opportunity for the women to be more efficient and receptive.I would any day prefer working from home.

  3. I love working from home, although its a very recent thing for me, but its a definite boon.

  4. Wish somebody would offer me that option. Even if I have to put in extra hours, I would prefer working from home. Unfortunately this option was never available to me while i was working.

  5. ya boss..u hve well presented the challenges professionals face..cheers buddy

  6. @Babli - Yes, you are right! The working hours should be restricted to 8 hrs a day. Unfortunately, this is not possible for most of us!

    @BKC- "Local" refers to an Indian Boss. They tend to pressure unnecessarily. The issue is not gender specific. It was more about pushing a person to work more hours.

    @Sujata - Yes. It is a definite boon.

    @Aparna - Well.. Even today, there aren't many job that will let you work from home. I have found only high-tech jobs that let you work from home.

    @Ramesh - Thank you.

  7. Working from home, as I do many a times, is definitely a blessing. I hv realized that after putting in almost 13 years of 9-9 routines and is a big welcome relief. I am not sure whether it has anything to do with an Organization size but more with its culture. One sure would be doubly blessed if he/she gets to have the both.

  8. @Vaz - After a long time. It is good to see you. :)


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