I will provide for you

Yesterday, I listened to a person recounting his personal experience. He started working at a very young age. After several attempts, he had passed the Std X exams. When he started his career, he was doing the menial job of transporting machines by picking them up physically from one location to another. Given his educational qualifications, he qualified only for such kind of jobs. Blessed with good health, he could perform the jobs assigned to him at ease.

During the early years of his career, he was hardly able to make both ends meet. So he started looking for answers in religion and god-men. He underwent pilgrimages and started reading various religious books. Finally, one day while reading one such holy book, he hit upon a statement. The statement says that God sees all his pains and will provide for him. He was baffled for he could not figure how God is going to help him. Time flew while he searched for an answer.

Then one day, after being put off by the attitude of a colleague, a senior engineer asked this person if he wanted to learn assembling machines and networking. He nodded indicating consent. The ensuing three months was hectic and he was trained informally by three different persons. After learning all that was necessary and proving his capabilities, he was elevated to a better position in the organization.

Whenever there was a hardware failure, the problems were usually referred to him. Since he works in an industry plagued with high attrition rate, many of the colleagues left the organization and joined new ones. But they kept in touch with him and would refer in him in case of issues. Now, even on Sundays, he gets a lot of referrals. He makes enough money even on Sundays by attending to these referrals from home.

At present, he is attending a distance education program for his Bachelors degree. God has provided for him!

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  1. this renews your belief in the phrase thats god helps those who help themselves!!

  2. Well god does provide for everyone... but few ever see it and the rest choose to ignore it...

  3. Beautiful post. Whether we know it or not, somebody up there is always helping us find our feet.

  4. @Sujata - :) Yes.

    @SPC - Thanks for dropping by.

    @Aparna - Thank you. Glad you like it.

  5. I was waiting for some the punch line like - "He went on to create IBM and the rest is history". Never thought this is current...good one..


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