I’m pregnant!

“I’m pregnant”, she said and started sobbing. He fell off the chair flabbergasted! He has been married for the past three years and has a daughter who is 3 years old! But even then, he was taken by surprise. The lady who was sobbing was his colleague and not his wife.

He was engaged in a brain storming session with his team members. As soon as this session was over, a female colleague in his team approached him and said, “I want to talk to you”. Still elated at the successful and productive brain storming session, he ushered her into an huddle room. After being seated, she announced her predicament and started sobbing.

Caught by the recent turn of events, he played out different permutations and combinations of reactions in his mind. “I already have a baby!”. “My wife wouldn’t approve!”. “This is too early for another child”.

When the dust of confusion settled down, he realized there was no reason to panic! She was only his colleague and she is also married.

He: There is no reason to cry! This is something you should be happy about. If you are worried about leave of absence, there is…

She: No, I’m not about worried about that. I am worried about my in-laws.

He: Why? They should be happy!

She: Not sure. I have not told them yet. I’m not sure how to tell them!

He: (confused again!) hmmm…

She: My husband just went abroad on an onsite project. I took the pregnancy test after he left! Now, I’m not sure how do I tell my in-laws?

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  1. Very interesting as well as confusing.But I do not think there is nothing to worry about it.Infact she should be overwhelmed with joy.As she checked whether the baby is her husband's or somebody's else's?If so then she need to be panicked.Or the case is sanguin that it is her colleagues baby?

  2. very well written..wondering where it was leading to..and like babli asks: Has she checked whether the baby is her husband's or somebody's else's..hahah:)

  3. A colleague who is married for three years and has a three year old kid...hmmm....he can be suspected!!!! ;-)

  4. @Babli - The baby is not her colleagues baby. Her husband is the father. But since she is away for past few days, she is confused about how to break it to her in-laws and was getting worked up. You are right! She should be happy and not being worried. She was so worried that she broke down in front of her colleague!

    @Ramesh - Thanks. But there nothing "unofficial" about the baby. :)

    @Jyothi - Thanks for pointing out the plot hole. Yes, he has been married for more than 3 years!

  5. Why would she go all hormonal and start crying? Ok, ok, I know pregnant women have the habit of doing that.
    Why would he feel flabbergasted? Unless he is not revealing all the details? What confusion, my head is reeling thinking of all the possibilities.

  6. @Apanatva - Thanks for dropping by.

    @Aparna - No no no! Not many possibilities to explore. The girl was feeling stressed out with the husband and wanted advice. The guy thought she wanted to speak about work and was taken by surprise when she uttered "I'm pregnant!" as the opening statement!

  7. Nona,very interesting but her only worry seems to be gap between the "discovery" and her husband's travel,well....
    This reminds of a story in UP...Bhai To Ghar Haina

  8. I am jumping at all the wrong conclusions here!!!

  9. when i read the heading of this post i thought i was at someone else's post an i cross checked!!:-) It was only as i read the whole piece that i realised what was wrong!!

  10. @BKC - LOL! You are right! I'm not aware about the gap and also the existence of "Bhai".

    @Sujata - :) Guess I was ambiguous in the writing!

    @JD - :)

  11. You had me confused in the beginning...

    But good humor

    Work from home

  12. i almost thought science had moved so far ahead reading the title..;-D

  13. @Mathew - Thank God the science has not yet progressed on this matter! Do we really want to go through 9 months? I don't think so! ;)


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