“I’m N…”. That is the way I introduce myself with hands, outstretched and ready for an handshake. This happens when I’m in the best of my moods and has successfully overcome the initial uneasiness. In the past, I was mostly at a loss on how to mingle. But, as I was extremely adept at being a copycat, I picked all these skills on the way! But they are some days, these skills can never be put to use!

But they are some who are really good at introductions. Yesterday, I came across one. In order to negate the years of neglect towards the waistline and also health, I decided to try out badminton in the morning. A friend living nearby in my co-conspirator in this venture. He had all the necessary equipment and his apartment has a club house with an indoor badminton court. This is a highly unstable venture still in it’s inception phase!

The badminton court was filled with 9 people by 6:30 am out of which seven were from Kerala. I felt at ease. It was fun to see people shouting to their partner in Malayalam, realizing you have a partner who doesn’t understand Malayalam and then switching to English!

The first match was won by my opponents! After the match, I was out of breath. As I sat down on to rest, one of my opponents came towards me and introduced, “I’m A…”. After the initial pleasantries and also the customary question about “native place” in Kerala, he took out a brochure from his pocket and presented it to me. It was a brochure of a resort. His wife is running this independent resort in Wyanad, Kerala. The brochure contained all the contact information along with pictures of the place. The brochure ends with a note “…the sad part is that the photographs do not depict the real beauty of the place…”.

I liked the way he introduced himself. Fearing inappropriateness from my side, I did not ask him what was really on my mind. “Do you carry brochure in your pocket while going for a game of badminton? It is 6 am in the morning! And how did you know that I will be here and you will be meeting me?”

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  1. That's a nice marketing skill... I loved his passion towards his wife'e work..

  2. Hey, it happens on the golf course all the time! And pretty early in the morning too! Somebody told me the Japanese do it in the swimming pool, and they carry water-proof business cards in their trunks! How's that for networking?

  3. wow is he a hubby or a lover?am sure the wife/gf has solitaires too. I cant imagine my husband marketing my writing or any such thing at even if i really try hard, I cant imagine

  4. @Swatantra - Yes. It is a good marketing skills. Probably, we should learn it too. :)

    @Aparna - Not much of culture expert. Probably swimming pool is for networking in Japanese culture? Water-Proof business cards - That's innovative! Golf courses - Aren't those for networking?

    @Sujata - It has been a week and you are still stuck with solitaires. Time to lower your expectations... :)

  5. It is only now that Indians have realised the importance of sports in business.It happens all over the is one such sport,so is Squash.It shows that we are in tune with times.

  6. Admirable marketing ploy.

    As the saying goes "you shouldn't open a shop if you don't know how to S-M-I-L-E". Perhaps we need to stick it on hour foreheads before entering any of the shops in Kerala, just as a reminder to the salesmen and the owners. So disinterested.

    The resort guy you met is a one-off. Well, good luck to him!

  7. So the next time I hear "I'm N", should I be worried? I really dont like the idea of these "marketing" as soon as you meet someone...totally against it. The question is are you interested in knowing the person, or you shake hands just to sell the product. Even worse - you go for a date and try to sell some products !!

  8. @BKC - There are companies who value employees are good at sports. :) They will do anything to retain the good ones!

    @Scorpiogenius - I have heard of a Malayali shopkeeper in Dallas who shouts at his customers - "I don't need your business!" :)

    @Anil - You don't have to be worried about "I'm N" until "I'm R" starts a business. She is not at all interested in it! My luck!
    ROTLF on the comment - Go for a date and sell products. Why didn't we think of it when we were single?

  9. I have lot of Malayali friends and many happened to break the ice with me with similar conversations. Thats a sign of their enterprising attitude and no wonder you'll find them in every nook & corner of the world.

  10. @Vaz - Every nook & corner! I guess that is the basis of the "Chandran Nair's tea shop" on the moon. :)

  11. i am ok with this kind of introductions...but when some introduces to me with a wonderful LIC policy it really irritates me...meeting too many of em!!

  12. I liked your post and enjoyed reading it. Being a marketing student I liked excellent marketing skill. I feel only in India sports is neglected and in other countries sports is considered as very important part of life as everybody is involved in one or more kinds of sports.
    Wish you and your family a very Happy Onam.So you are from which part of Kerala?

  13. @Ramesh - :)

    @Mathew - I used to find a similar lot earlier. Network marketing! (Not sure if I have the correct name) These guys never let you go! They want you and your friends!

    @Babli - Thanks. In India too, there are companies who encourages sports and participation in it.

    Thank you. Happy Onam to you too. I'm from Ernakulam.


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