Movie: He's Just Not That Into You

Gigi(Ginnifer Goodwin) goes on a date with Connor(Kevin Connolly). After the date, Gigi waits for Connor to call her back. But Connor never calls. She desperately tries to decode the evening and conversation in the hope that Connor might call her back. Her friends at work, Beth(Jennifer Aniston) and Janine(Jennifer Connelly), encourages her indirectly in this hopeless obsession. On one of her attempts to locate Connor, she meets Alex(Justin Long). Alex is a friend of Connor and he runs a bar. Alex tells Gigi to abandon the pursuit as it is clearly evident that Connor is not interested in her. Very soon, Alex becomes Gigi’s dating consultant.

Janine is married to Ben(Bradley Cooper) after being in a relationship during college years. After several years of marriage, they are undergoing a stressful period as the couple is renovating their house. On inspecting the house, Janine stumbles across a pack of cigarettes. Ben, when confronted, categorically says that he does not smoke. Meanwhile, Ben is gets attracted to Anna(Scarlett Johansson), whom he runs into at the checkout counter of a supermarket.

Beth is living with Neil(Ben Affleck) for seven years. As Neil does not believe in marriage to have a great relationship, they are not married. One day, Beth, after hearing a relationship advice from Alex through Gigi, confronts Neil. There is no future if Neil is not interested in marriage. As a result, Neil moves away from the apartment and starts living in his boat.

Connor likes Anna. They were in a casual relationship a while back. Then, Anna decides to move on without any apparent reason. Connor is still holding on to the old times and wants to rekindle the romance. Connor is a real estate builder and is helped by Mary(Drew Barrymore) in placing ads for his company. Mary is single and depends on the various online social networking sites to find her match.

Directed by Ken Kwapis, this movie focuses on the lives of eight people. They are all in different stages of a relationship and are undergoing different challenges. All eight people are also interconnected. Ken has successfully brought out the relationship challenges in a fresh way.

Ginnifer Goodwin is the focal point of the story and all other stories originate from her. She is good as the perpetual loser. Jennifer Connolly is perfect as the wife who wants a perfect house( and a perfect husband) while desperately trying to make the failing marriage work. Drew Barrymore, although in a very small role, makes us laugh with challenges faced when the dating scene is moved from traditional to virtual world!

This is a perfect watch for a quiet evening.

Genre: Romance

Rating: ***

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  1. sounds interesting. thanks.:)

  2. Hmm....Will definitely look for it!!

  3. @ZB - This was pleasant to watch

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