Movie: Kaminey

Charlie(Shahid Kapoor) and Guddu(Shahid Kapoor) are twin brothers. Charlie lisps while Guddu stammers. They lead separate lives and don’t interact with each other.

Charlie is in a gang which makes money by fixing horse races. The gang is headed by three eccentric Bengali brothers. Charlie is very close with third brother, Mikhail(Chandan Roy Sanyal). Charlie loses all his life’s saving on a race. He interrogates the jockey and finds out a man named Francis was instrumental in fixing this race.

Guddu is shocked to find his girlfriend, Sweety(Priyanka Chopra), pregnant in spite of all the precautions. Guddu does not want to marry Sweety now as he has planned his life very carefully. Instead, he wants to marry in 2014 when he has a good job and saved enough. Sweety persuades Guddu for an immediate marriage. Sweety reveals that she is the sister of Bhope Bhau(Amol Gupte), a gangster who loves and preaches Maharashtra. Bhope would not be kind to Guddu. After carefully thinking, Guddu relents for the marriage.

Meanwhile Charlie tracks Francis and reaches a posh hotel. In spite of warning from Mikhail for not interfering before the Bengali babus make a decision, Charlie breaks into Francis’s room and attacks him. After ransacking the room for petty cash, they run into a fight with Francis’s partner and gang, who suddenly show up in the room. Charlie steals a jeep from two gentlemen in order to escape.

The two gentlemen are corrupt anti-narcotics cops who are also brothers. They had come into a hotel for stealing cocaine for a gangster named, Tashi(Tensing Nima). They hid the cocaine in a guitar box and loaded the guitar box on to the jeep when Charlie stole the jeep. Now, the corrupt cops are searching for Charlie.

By this time, Bhope knows about Guddu and Sweety. He sents his henchmen to Guddu’s office. One of his henchmen identifies from Guddu from his picture and tells everyone about his connection with Charlie. Now, Bhope sends his henchmen to stop the wedding. But, the wedding is over. Sweety escapes with Guddu after an altercation with Bhope’s gang. But, Guddu is picked by the two anti-narcotics cops who is searching for Charlie.

Charlie decides to sell the coke and raise cash to become a bookie. So, he approaches Mikhail. Mikhail tells Charlie that he is sitting on a gold mine and agrees to buy the coke. Charlie and Mikhail goes to Charlie’s home to get the coke and finds Bhope waiting for him.

Now, the brothers have to help each other to get out this mess. How they help each other reluctantly and finds peace with their old differences forms the rest of the story. All the characters converge at the end of the movie to bring us a never seen before violent and thrilling climax.

This UTV production is directed by Vishal Bharadwaj. Vishal is the music director and also handles the background score in addition to the songs. Vishal pays a fitting homage to Quentin Tarantino with this movie. The colorful characters, the thrilling background score and multiple story telling with suspense are all tributes to Quentin. The movie demands an attentive audience because the pace of the movie is very fast. The brilliant use of background score heightens the suspense and thrill. The use of VFX is barely noticeable. Vishal has used camera positions and soft focus(blurred backgrounds) when the twins appear on the same frame. This is an old technique. But you are carried away with the action on the screen to notice this.

Guddu is not a difficult role except for the stammering. Shahid Kapoor has done this before in the past. But, Charlie is an alien territory for Shahid and he has acted well as Charlie. He lisps correctly and also conveys the menace behind the man. Priyanka is perfect as Sweety. She talks Marathi and if you do not understand Marathi, you will not understand half of things she says. But, her portrayal transgresses the language barrier.

Amol Guptes’ Bhope Bhau is a true Kaminey. He laughs at Charlie for lisping. He cuts deals behind his sister’s back. He shields himself with dead bodies. He acts like a dead body to escape a potential killer. Amol is indeed talented and make this role a memorable one.

Leave the kids behind and go for this. It is violent but very enjoyable.

Language: Hindi

Genre: Thriller

Rating: ****

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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  1. Btw your updates are not showing, it still shows bhramharam as the last post. I dont agree with the name of this movie..somehow the blatant use of this workd by the kids because of this film makes me want to go and speak out against it. They could have named it something else.

  2. @Sujata - Hope the post are showing up now. I reposted it again! Not sure what went wrong.

    About the name of the movie, I feel it is apt and it is meant for adults.

  3. We just watched it today.. and was good...

  4. @Ramesh - Hoping to read your post soon. :)

    @Swatantra - Great! Did you take Siddharth with you and scare him?

  5. i saw the movie today.

    Amazing...unlike anything i have seen in Bollywood so far. Amazing. :)

  6. About the word Kaminey, any body who grew up in the north knows it is not a bad word at all. It means rascal which is quite an acceptable word in English also.I have heard parents chide their children saying aisi kamini harkat mat karo. So do not really agree with Sujata.
    I am looking forward to this one, it was released just yesterday here as all the movie halls were closed in mumbai due to the flu scare.

  7. @Aparna- I was reading Vishal Bhardwaj's interview on rediff. He mentions an old movie in which Naseeruddin Shah uses "kamini" endearingly.

    Let me know if you liked the movie.


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