Movie: Kandaswamy

In an obscure town in Tamil Nadu, a temple devoted to Lord Kandaswamy(another name for Lord Muruga) is gaining popularity. The people can write down their wishes on a piece of paper and then tie it on to a tree. The wish is granted in time.

A corrupt police officer(Mansoor Ali Khan) asks a huge sum of money as bribe. He reaches his home drunk and sleeps. But in the middle of night, he is awakened by a man dressed in cape and an headgear resembling a rooster. He moves and sounds like a rooster. The caped crusader is Kandaswamy(Vikram) and he is responding to a wish that was written and tied on to the tree. After getting beaten up, the corrupt police officer returns the money.

Meanwhile, a CBI officer associated with Economics Offenses, Kandaswamy leads a daring raid on the industrialist PPP(Ashish Vidyarthi). He has the blessing of the CBI Joint Director Krishna Rao(Krishna). During the raid, he uncovers bank accounts and documents related to property deals from PPP’s home. PPP feigns a stroke in order to escape from authorities. PPP only reveals his true health to his secretary(Y G Mahendran). Even his daughter, Subbalakshmi(Shriya Saran) is unaware about this. Subbu aka Subbalakshmi is hell bent on revenge after seeing her dad’s state.

The legend of Kanthaswamy becomes more popular day by day. The local DIG Parantharaman(Prabhu) gets suspicious as he believes this is not divine intervention. He starts investigating further. But, Kandaswamy is always a step ahead of him. Unknown to the local DIG, the caped crusader and CBI officer are the same. In fact, there is a group of people who is behind the legend of Kandaswamy. This group is very good at analysis, espionage and weaponry. Their aim to remove the economic disparity in India. In order to achieve this goal, they rob from the rich and give to poor ala Robin Hood.

Soon, Kandaswamy turns against another industrialist named Rajmohan(Mukesh Tiwari). Rajmohan has loads of money and travels in a van which serves as a office and an apartment. He seduces young girls by offering money. On one of such escapades, Kandaswamy intervenes and saves the girls.

Now, Kandaswamy has three powerful adversaries – PPP, Rajmohan and Parantharaman. On top of it, Subbu uses her beauty to entrap Kandaswamy. How Kandaswamy succeeds in his mission forms the rest of the story.

Susi Ganesan directs this movie. He has successfully created a super hero on paper. But he has not been able to translate this to into an interesting movie. So, barring some beautifully choreographed action scenes and breathtaking locales, nothing else stays in your mind. Moreover, he does not have a good script resulting in a barrage of songs with very little intervals between them. The songs become an irritant as the story does not move forward. He has also introduced a separate comedy track by Vadivelu which falls flat. His superhero, Kandaswamy, is also a master of disguise. But there aren’t enough instances in the movie where the audience feels this is true. In the movie, Kandaswamy dresses up an old man. But you can hardly see if it is Vikram as he is silhouetted for the most part of the two minute appearance. The length works against the movie. The movie is 3 hours and 20 minutes long. When Kandaswamy has a showdown in Mexico, I was falling asleep! Similarly, I groaned when Mumaith Khan dances on the screen before the final confrontation. Here, I’m waiting for the movie to end and Susi is prolonging the climax for another 5 minutes. A Mumaith Khan dance at this point is not going earn you any brownies! I wish you had spend those 5 minutes for reviewing your script!

Vikram puts in an earnest effort. Except for his acting, everything else in the movie works against him! Vikram is good in the fight scenes and looks handsome.

Prabhu is good as the local DIG. The rest of the cast hams and irritates.

Even a die-hard Vikram fan will have to take a pillow to the cinemas. This is sleep inducing.

Language: Tamil

Genre: Action

Rating: *

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  1. When do you get time to watch all these movies? Tell me, I really want to know...and then you have time to write detailed reviews for them, thats really great!

  2. @Aparna - I watched this yesterday. The rest, I watched over the week. I got time to write it and post it yesterday. :)

    If I watch a movie on DVD, it takes atleast two days for me to complete the movie. I watch half of it on one day and the other half next day. Only when I go to the cinema hall, I get trapped there for more than 2 hours. :)

  3. I am really impressed.. if there is any award for the dedication of movie review.. i will surely pass on to you...

  4. @Swatantra - Thank you. Thank for the kind words and also checking out blog in spite of the movie reviews. :)

  5. i agree with Aparna. you do take your time off to do things you like.Wonderful. Thanks:)

  6. hey good review buddy..i like vikram..great natural actor...but u have me worried about the movie...sad for him...anywy..thanks for sharing..cheers

  7. @ZB - :)

    @Ramesh - Vikram is my favorite actor too. So, I'm equally disappointed with this movie! I hope the Mani Ratnam movie does him some good!

  8. I am falling for prabhu's performance off late ....

  9. @Laks - Wait till you see Asal. :)


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