Movie: Dil Bole Hadippa!

In a quiet little town in Punjab, Veera(Rani Mukherji) dreams of becoming a great cricket player. She is extremely good at batting and are far better than men in the area whereas the game is concerned. Unfortunately, there aren’t any women’s team in the area and the men do not allow her to play with them. So, she does not get any opportunity to show off her talents to a wider audience. She make a living by working for a drama troupe with Shanno(Rakhi Sawant), Chamkila(Vrajesh Hirjee) and Chachu(Shri Vallabh Vyas). But in the drama troupe, she is completely overshadowed by Shanno in spite of her talents.

The same quiet town also hosts Aman Cup every two years. Aman Cup is brainchild of two friends – Vikram Singh aka Vicky(Anupam Kher) and Liyaqat Ali Khan aka Lucky(Dalip Tahil). Vicky is an Indian while Lucky is a Pakistani. Aiming to promote peace and friendship, they conduct an yearly tournament by alternating the location every year between India and Pakistan. Vicky’s team has been failing consecutively for 9 years. Tired of repeated failures, Vicky summons his son, Rohan(Shahid Kapoor) from London. Rohan is a successful cricket player in London. Vicky urges Rohan to lead the cricket team to success. Although Rohan is reluctant initially, he relents to his father’s pleas.

Rohan carefully studies the present team. He eliminates the bad players and conducts an audition for new players. Seeing this as an opportunity, Veera transforms into Veer by putting on a turban and a beard. Veer gets selected into the team. With Rohan deciding to stay back in India till the next Aman Cup, his old friend, Soniya(Sheryln Chopra) also turns up, adding heat to the proceedings.

The rest of movie tells if Veera is able to realize her dream. What happens between Veera and Rohan? Will Veera confess the truth about Veer to Rohan?

Anurag Singh directs this romance. He has an interesting story to tell – that of a woman masquerading as a man to show her talents. But instead of focusing on this aspect, Anurag meanders into the romance between the lead pairs thereby watering down the message and also testing the patience of the audience! Anurag also relies on a jarring background score. This acts against some of the emotional scenes especially when Vicky pleads with Rohan to stay back in India to win the Aman cup!

Yashraj Films produces this movie. So, the movie is very colorful with eye popping colors splashed on the screen in all forms (shirts, lehengas, shawls, vegetables etc)!

Rani Mukherjee impresses. But her performance has a lot of drawbacks. She is not able to completely hide the female in her and perform like a male. She raises a few laughs. But that is primarily because of the humor in the dialogues and not because of her performance alone!

Shahid Kapoor and Anupam Kher are good. Both of these actors perform well  to elevate the movie.

Language: Hindi

Genre: Romance

Rating: *

Picture Courtesy: Bollywood Hungama

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  1. I have states in some other post that YSR films have a particular Punjabi flavour.That is why they have a great viewrship all over the world.

  2. I told you and you still went.
    So did you claim the insurance?

  3. @BKC - There are two things to the YashRaj movies
    1. Punjabi Flavor
    2. DDLJ hangover
    Yes! Both contribute to the viewership! I like YashRaj Films because of the good production values!

    @Aparna - By the time, you commented on my blog, it was too late! I saw this on Friday night. :) No, I did not take insurance. I'm waiting for them to come up with a boredom insurance!

  4. Thanks for preventing me from spending money on this one. I am going to wait for the DVD. :)

  5. @Jyothi - Yes! You can do other things at the same time. :)


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