Movie: Puthiya Mugham

wall_800x600_3 Kichan aka Krishnakumar(Prithviraj), a Brahmin youth, resides in Kalpathi with his dad (Nedumudi Venu), his mother and his younger sister. He teaches Mridangam to young kids as a profession. He is in love with Sreedevi(Meera Nandan) and their respective parents are happy with this match.

Kichan moves to Kochi to pursue education in an engineering college. At the college, he instantly becomes famous because of his inclination towards music. The girls are smitten by him. One of his classmates, Anjana(Priya Mani), becomes friendly with him. This causes jealousy and anger in Sudhi(Bala), a senior in college who wants to marry Anjana.

Sudhi’s brothers and Anjana’s dad are friends. Sudhi has two brothers, Mahi(Saikumar) and Giri(Shammi Thilakan). Three brothers together are involved in all kinds of nefarious activities and they are supported by the police officer, Sivaramakrishnan(Vijayaraghavan), who is Anjana’s dad.

Unable to stand the friendship between Kichan and Anjana, Sudhi puts pressure on his brothers to get engaged to Anjana. Anjana relents after everybody agrees for a marriage after 4 years. But Sudhi is still jealous of Kichan. One night, he gets drunk and tortures Kichan.

The rest of the story forms how Kichan life gets transformed after the tragic incident and how he stands up to Sudhi and his brothers.

Diphan directs this action movie and he succeeds in giving the audience visually appealing action scenes to an extent. While photographing the action scenes, the director of photography has used weird lenses which dwarfs the fighters and widens the angle. This irritates the viewer and takes the beauty out of the well choreographed action scene. However, the jump cuts and the slow motion used in the final action scene is breathtaking.

The script is weakest link where logic takes a backseat. There are a lot of performers. But none of the characters are well etched. Saikumar, the usual master performer, turns out to be the weakest villain among the three brothers. Bala’s character gets beaten up by Prithviraj very early in the movie resulting in a predictable outcome whenever the two fight with each other later in the movie.

Deepak Dev’s music is enjoyable.

This is a movie to showcase Prithviraj as an action star. He also croons for the title track. So, if you are Prithviraj fan, go for it. You can try it out if you want to see some mindless action. But please keep in mind, the action starts towards the interval. So, it might be a drag till then.

Language: Malayalam

Genre: Action

Rating: **

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  1. Feeling a bit helpless again.
    Do these movies have subtitles?

  2. @Aparna - Some of them have subtitles when they come out on DVD. But if you are really interested in seeing the movie with subtitles, go for original DVDs like the one from Moser Baer.

  3. I dint see this movie. But I heard mixed response

  4. @Tomz - Thanks for dropping by. Like I said, if you are Prithvi fan or a mindless-action-movie-fan(read it as Vijay fan), you will like it.

  5. I like the way u have reviewed this movie.... :)
    Nice Blog u have... :)

  6. So it doesn't have anything new to offer except that nouveau Prithvi look which I've seen in many Tamil movies before.

  7. @Amit - Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad you like it.

    @ScorpioGenius - Are you referring to the cleanshaven and 6-pack abs(or is it 8? I'm not counting!)? I think he built up the body for the Mani Rathnam movie! Thanks to delays in the movie, this look has been exploited by other movies!

    This is not a feather in the cap for Malayalam movies. Think this answers your question. :)


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