PVR and Tata AIG

PVRTataAIG Have you used the PVR website to book movie tickets? On your next visit, have a good look at the page where you enter your credit card details. You will find two checkboxes. One of them is a standard checkbox to indicate that you accept the Terms and Conditions. But the other one is for a free personal accident insurance from Tata AIG! You can see both the checkboxes at the bottom of the page(See the picture).

Why would you want a personal accident insurance while going for a movie? What could go wrong on your visit to the movies?

Traffic? Yes, this can be really tricky in a city like Bangalore. Forget about an accident. The anguish resulting from this helps you age faster which in turn causes reduced shelf life! I’m so happy PVR realizes this!

Food? If PVR sells bad food, this is a recipe for disaster. But, why would they want to help us with a free insurance for this? They can change the vendors in their halls and also have measures taken to improve the quality!

Unsafe building? The movie hall may collapse. Oh man! This is too dangerous! But, this should have been done by PVR even before opening the new center! With multiple screens, there may be 1000 people or more running around the PVR section on a busy weekend!

Terrorist attacks? This is valid. Isn’t this the very reason why you are frisked at the entrance?

What is this insurance for?

After purchasing movie tickets, popcorn and Coke, the chances are more for a bankruptcy. So, PVR should be supporting an insurance for bankruptcy.

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  1. yea ... even i noticed. its been there for couple of months now.

  2. I have never bought tickets online for a film ever, so have not come across this website. But if my blog can host ads for dating omani women..am sure a film and an insurance company can talk about connection!!

  3. I think it is because of the kind of movies being made here.
    Halfway through Dil Bole Hadippa, your heart just might collapse. Your brain might suffer from severe trauma, your BP might hit the roof,( all that money spent on tickets) Your bladder may also just be irreparably damaged for all the holding you have to do. My god, the possibilities are endless.Thank you AIG and PVR, what will we do without you?

  4. Nona,you are very observant,I must say.
    Frankly,I never noticed this.PVR may have to stand up and take notice so that better movies are released.

  5. I am not surprised because Personal accident Insurance is a multibillion dollar Industry spanning everything from Travel, Tourism to entertainment. I look it as an extension of what is happening around; Producers insuring their movie, starcast insuring their stunts etc? Why not viewers insuring their viewing experience? Not too long ago a tragedy called Upahaar Cinemas struck New Delhi cinegoers isnt it?

  6. @Laks - I paid attention this week!

    @Sujata - Dating Omani women? I thought Oman was conservative!

    The ads are appearing on the sidebars of your website and I'm sure you have little command on the ads. The option have been introduced by PVR! :)

    Aparna - LOL. Guess you have seen Dil Bole Hadippa already!

    @BKC - Frankly, I do not think PVR has any control over the content they exhibit. But, PVR does support good movies. They exhibit foreign movies and also was in alliance with Aamir Khan for releasing Taare Zameen Par

    @Vaz - Good Point. Upahaar was an old movie theater. PVR and other chains are hosted on the most modern malls. Aren't they responsible for our safety?

  7. @Nona - Yes they are supposed to but are they observing full fire safety measures is a moot point. There are no stringent provisions in india to ensure elementary precautions and safety measures against fire or other mishaps as in the west. So why take a chance?

  8. @Vaz - True. A few months back, the entire Forum Mall was vacated because of a fire in the food court. One of the screens in Innovative multiplex was completely burned down too!


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