IMG00115 A group of lads were surprised and happy to see the sign! The sign announced “Sensor operated. Please do not touch!”. They were happy because of the ease of use and the hygiene factor. At the same time, there were curious to see the sensor in action.

So, they went under the sign and waited for the sensor to swing into action. In spite of the long wait, nothing happened! So, they stepped back and checked the sign again!

They brainstormed about the various reasons that caused the failure. They decided the sensors were not sensing their presence! So, they stood at various angles to check if the sensor would work. This hardly yielded any results.

Finally, they gave up and came out of the men’s room! They cursed the sign, above the pissing bowl, on the way out.


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  1. hmmm.. quite innovative for software engineers..

  2. sammathichu .... aa foto`kku pose cheythavane sammathichu ....

  3. hahahahah just too good, wonder whose idea it was..

  4. @Mitz - You mean innovative software engineers? :)

    @Laks - Yes, the model was very co-operative and he wanted a full size photo (of his backside) to be displayed on the website. I was kinda apprehensive. So I decided to do it the way I did it!

    @Sujata - The ideas are always handed over to me (on a platter) by my friends at work! :)

  5. LOL! Maybe the sensors were too sensitive to work!

  6. @BKC - :)

    @Sucharita - You are right! Sensors could be faulty!

  7. I think the sensors sensed the hidden camera and became a bit shy.
    I am wondering if there was a manually operated flush also for such emergencies.

  8. @Aparna - Welcome back from hibernation! No manual operations to be found there! :(


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