My colleague, I call him so because we belong to the same organization, was assigned to a project a few months back. As the project was executed outside India, he was working in a foreign country. Quoting his words, it was a “Do or Die” situation. Eventually, he died a bit to do it. The entire team worked hard, putting in long hours and staying late at work. All the while, they were not sure about the outcome. Finally, after two months, they successfully turned around the situation.

After the turnaround, they convinced the client about executing the rest of the project in India. He came back to India and continued to work on the project. Although the situation was much better now, they were always afraid of things going sour once again. As a result, it was like walking on a razor’s edge throughout the period. Very soon, he experienced blacking out while driving the car. When he sensed a blackout, he halted the car by the side of the road and rested for a while. He resumed his journey after he had rested well. Gradually, out of insecurity, he urged his team members to share the ride with him while commuting. This helped a bit.

In the meantime, he consulted his managers and opted for flexible hours. He also consulted an ayurvedic doctor and initiated treatment. He feels better and blackouts do not occur anymore. He emphasized on keeping the best health. If you lose your health, it is a loss for your family.

I was surprised by his story. Although he looked much younger to me, he has gone through more hardships than me. Yes, I have abused my entire system.

Looking back, I have always relied on food to bring the stress levels down and I have always been surrounded with friends who love food. So, in California, it was always Shan Restaurant and Kabab and Curry’s. In Pune, it was Boriwake’s(sad this is closed now!) and ShivSagar. Gurgaon was an exception. I couldn’t find the right company to go out and eat like crazy! In Bangalore, it is the hidden kitchens adding to my girth!

Movies augment food. There is never a dearth of really bad movies to take your mind off the stress. These days, I have Mafia Wars on FB.

I’m not sure what works for you! But there should be something to take your mind off the stress. Else, how can you avoid burnout under such extremely stressful work atmosphere?

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  1. I am stressed because you have not yet commented on the darn story I have written!!!! please relieve me of my stress!!

  2. @Sujata - That darn story is indeed a very good longish short story. :) Finally, I managed to read both parts.

  3. I am stressed because you have listed all the good food hunts which i can't visit..hmmm.I like to play with my son just like a kid of his age when no one is watching,he giggles and laughs a for me,always.

  4. What stress? I only experience stress when my husband goes out of the country and my daughter has a physics exams.
    FB is a huge stress buster. And so is blogging. And when I am really stressed, like nearly having a blackout, I just call up my mother and talk for an hour. Works every single time.
    You could not find suitable company in Gurgaon? You should have gone alone. That place has so many good places to eat.

  5. Really... I wonder why do people take so much stress due to overworking without realizing that whole work they are doing for stress-free(happy) life. Can not they do less a simple But Happy and stress-less life...?

  6. @Kavita - You could always make a vacation plan to visit these cities. :)

    @Aparna - I mean suitable company from work! Me and my wife ventured into New Defence Colony on our own! We came across another place near Connaught Palace that specializes in rolls! :)

    @Amit - It is not as simple as it is said. Sometimes, you take stress so that others can lead stress free life. :)


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