Thalassery and Cricket

He: You see that?

Me: Huh?

He: That is a cricket stadium.

Me: So?

He: Did you know cricket originated in Thalassery?

Me: What?!!!

He: In Kerala, the cricket was first played in Thalassery. That stadium is exclusively for cricket!

Me: Exclusive?

He: Only cricket tournaments are hosted here! Very soon, international tournaments will also be hosted here too!

Me: *wondering* I hardly remember a famous cricket player from Thalassery! We have one from Kerala - who was slapped by a sardarji player! Is he from Thalassery? Isn’t he from Thiruvananthapuram? Does he have any Thalassery connection? I better keep quiet. This guy will surely find a Thalassery connection for that player.

Me: *acting impressed* Really?

Foot note:

This is based on a recent conversation with one of my best friends – the most likeable and reliable person I have known. He resides in Thalassery. I visited him recently. This may be the third visit to the sleepy little city, 25 kms away from Kannur. On each visit, he gives an interesting tidbit about the city. Of course, I make fun of him.

In fact, Thalassery boasts of a cricket tradition and also has a cricket stadium.

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  1. You speaking about Sreesanth? God! He is not from Trivandrum man, no we don't want him! :)

    PS: Thanks for adding my blog here. I've put Nona's Pensieve down there in mine ok? thanks :)

  2. thats quite a bit of info, i am very familiar with kannur, my best friend is from there.

  3. Sardarji,Bhajji had slapped Shreeshant??
    I have never heard of this place.

  4. @ScorpioGenius - I am ignorant about cricket. And I always thought Sreeshant was from TVM!

    Thanks for pointing my blog.

    @Sujata - Have you ever visited Kannur?

    @BKC - Yes. Bhajji did slap Sreeshant. You can check out the link given in my article. It is a well known city.

  5. Not yet, but thats a place I will visit one day for sure, are you from kannur?


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