Thou shalt not steal

Thou shalt not steal. The ten commandments says so. Then, how do you justify stealing? What drives you to defy the commandments? We have read or heard numerous stories where one is driven to such a life because of poverty, hunger and survival. Is this a justifiable reason for stealing?

Recently, a friend recounted his experience in interstate travel in a Volvo bus. He was travelling to Kerala. His travel coincided with the maiden journey of the Volvo. To commemorate this event, all the passengers were given a chilled bottle of mineral water and a Mysore Pak.

My friend has his digestive juices working overtime all the time. So, he devoured the Mysore Pak in no time and waited patiently for the bus to move. All the night buses in this route stops in the middle of nowhere for dinner. So, he was looking forward to this welcome break. But destiny had other plans. This bus was not going to halt anywhere.

As the bus moved closer to his destination in a painfully slow pace, he struggled with the hunger pangs. But his stomach was grumbling and the revolt gathered strength no matter what he did to crush it. He was unable to sleep because of hunger pangs of his body and loud snores rising from the passenger seated next to him. While throwing a disgusting glance at the snoring neighbor, he noticed the uneaten Mysore Pak on his neighbor’s lap.

All morality went down the drain. After checking his neighbor was sleeping soundly, he grabbed the uneaten Mysore Pak and ate it. Although it did not curb his hunger, he felt better.

No, he has not adopted a life of thievery. But he did steal. Is he justified in his action? Is he black(bad) or white(good)?

As for me, I have accepted him to be grey!

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  1. How hygienic is that?????? Black for sure.

  2. He is definitely grey. Although if he had confessed to his crime, he would have been elevated to a shining white in my opinion.
    Is kahani se hume yah seekh milti hai ki hamesha volvo bus mein khana leke chalne chahiye.( This is what my 7 year old would have said)

  3. definitely grey!! there are bigger thieves out there..

  4. @Mitz - Or is it blacking grey? :)

    @Jyothi - Forgot to write that it was untouched Mysore Pak and in a plastic cover.

    @Aparna - He did confess his crime. But to me. :) Your 7 yr old has more wisdom than me! In spite of many bad experiences, I still do not carry food!

    @Sujata - Great! You agree with me.

    @BKC - You are truly "White" for pardoning him and also seeing his point. :)

  5. Hi!
    Congrats! you have received the Humane award. Please check my blog and collect your award.
    Happy blogging!!!!

  6. @Ramesh - Did you check out my comments before agreeing with BKC? :) Like BKC, you are also truly "white".

    @Swatantra - Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  7. 'Black' for now. 'White' if he can answer these - "Why did this happen? How are you going to prevent this in the future?"

  8. @Anil - That sure did bring a big smile!

    Why? Because he neither ate before he boarded the bus nor did he pack dinner!

    How? He is going to do either of the above next time.


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