Finland and Broadband access

The media is screaming about Finland’s move to make the broadband access a birthright. The world is congratulating Finland to be the first in doing this. Although there are other countries who have made the internet access a legal right, it is Finland who has made broadband access a legal right. Right now, the “legal right” is limited to 1 MB and this “legal right” will be upgraded to 100 MB by 2015!

I was initially confused! Does this mean government is going to foot the bills? It does not seem so. The emphasis is on the access. There will be provisions for broadband access even in the remotest corner of the country. But you can avail this option, if you have money. This will definitely help the rich who stay miles away from civilization and depend on the satellites!

And another thing, why is broadband access a legal right? How is this going to help? What will change if this just remains the policy of the government?

Now that this is a legal right, can the citizens sue the government if there is no access?

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  1. I think the answer to the last Q is YES! The citizens can sue the Govt if they fail to provide access to the population. Anyway appreciable move from the Finland govt

  2. This is what media can do.

    My experience from visit to Helsinki (the heart of the country rather than some remote corner) was very different. I struggled to get the internet working in the hotel which is in the downtown. There was no Wi-Fi in the hotel and the wired connection was pathetic. To top it, this was not a low budget hotel.

    So I think this is similar to our states who claim 100% literacy. Definition of a literate person is that he / she should be able to write his / her name. I don't say WOW for this one.

  3. Country must be congratulated that it wants it's people be upto date with technology.

  4. I was also confused your last question is thought provoking!!

  5. @ScorpioGenius - They are other governments who have done the same. Finland has decided on the "broadband" part and this is a first. :)

    @Joydeep - If you visit Helsinki now (with money for paying the bills), you will be able to browse (my blog and also leave comments. :) ). Good to see you after a long time! :)

    @BKC - Yes, they are providing a platform for people. :)

    @Swatantra - :)

  6. ya boss very interesting and thought-provoking debate..i go with chawla...Country must be congratulated that it wants it's people be upto date with technology.

  7. A good article to debate, reflects the changing priorities of libertarianism in Modern Society. In the 19th & 20th century it was the right to Freedom & Justice, now it is the right to Individual liberty (read Gay laws) and right to Information. It is widely acknowledged that the only Instrument that can break the Information Assymetry is Internet, so hats off to Finland in this regard.


  8. @Ramesh - :)

    @Vaz - Point taken. :)

  9. Well, seen that we are going to have an obligatory "media fee" of 70 Euros in a few years, I think that this is just an effort to look better in the eyes of the world. The Finnish world included! This does by no means include free PCs and laptops in every house, merely extending the number of those available in public places, such as cafes, libraries and such. As usual, a lot of noice over nothing.

    Almost wintery greetings from.... Finland!

  10. @RA - Thanks for dropping in and also giving us a first-person opinion about what is happening over there! My guess is media fee is another item that will deducted out of your paycheck!


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